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What skills does a business degree give you?

Let’s face it, choosing a college degree is not a simple decision. There are many factors to consider beyond personal preferences: whether there is a demand for jobs in that field, whether it is a stepping stone to a career with a future, what the average salary in the industry is, or whether it is aligned with your personal skills.  

If you ask your family and friends, they might recommend you to choose a business degree because it gives you access to a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees and, furthermore, the positions you can fill at the end of your studies are usually in high demand and very well paid.

But, if you are wondering what are the real benefits of studying a business degree, you should know that it is neither the salary nor the position, the answer lies in the skills that you can achieve. 

And what skills does a business degree give you? We will tell you about it right now.


7 skills you will gain in a Business Degree  

The business environment requires different skills depending on the field you want to work in. At first glance, working in a marketing department has little to do with finances or human resources, right?

But, they actually have more in common than it seems. All these departments require a set of skills that are trained in all business degrees. 

Check it out:


    • Understanding of the internal workings of companies and financial data.


    • Communication skills that allow you to relate effectively with customers, suppliers, or other members of your team.


    • Ability to design strategies and problem anticipation.


    • Analytical and decision-making skills.  


    • Problem-solving.


    • Leadership skills.


    • Knowledge of the latest technology trends and tools.


    • Ability to adapt to new market conditions. 


    Do you agree with us that most of them could apply to any side of your life? Finance, communication, adaptation. Whatever you do, they will be useful to you. Not to mention if you intend to start your own business. 

    A Business degree offers you all the knowledge you need to start your business from scratch with guarantees and vision for the future.

    And that’s why the greatest virtue of studying a business degree lies in the skills you develop thanks to it.

    Although, to be honest, not all universities place the same emphasis on this point.


Why to study a Business Degree in CIS University? 


what skills does a business degree give you



Now that you know what skills a business degree can give you, we would like to tell you about the tools we use at CIS University to train them.

If you know something about us, you may know that professional and academic development is as important to us as the personal development of our students.

This is why we have created several clubs and extracurricular acvities where our students can develop the skills that we consider essential for their future, regardless of whether they are studying a business degree or any other.

For example, we offer to our students:


    • A debate club to train their communication and leadership skills,


    • A business club where we analyze real cases and put our students in touch with real entrepreneurs.


    • A creative society where we train an ability that can be very useful to design innovative strategies and find solutions to any kind of problems,  




    In addition, we count on the involvement of our teaching staff who, through support workshops, are in charge of reinforcing the writing, math, and accounting skills of the students who need it.

    As you can see, at CIS University we are totally committed to our students gaining the skills they need to shine in their business career.

    The question is, do you want to be one of them?

    Take a look at the different specializations to which you can apply by studying an associate business degree with us. 

    Don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry because thanks to the flexibility of the American higher education model , you won’t have to decide your specialization until the second year of your degree, after you have completed the first compulsory internship period


    Ready to start shaping your future?

    We will be pleased to accompany you.