Tuition Fees


*ACADEMIC YEAR 2020 – 2021*

Tuition Fees may be updated each academic year.

Application Fee

> APPLICATION FEES: 100 € (Non-Refundable)

(Required with the application form)

Enrollment Rates

FALL / SPRING 1.300 € (Non-Refundable)
SUMMER 650 € (Non-Refundable)

* When attending our summer sessions.


FALL 2020: 7.696 € 12 – 15 Credits
SPRING 2021: 7.696 € 12 – 15 Credits
SUMMER 2021: 3.598 € 6 Credits


FALL 2020: 350 €
SPRING 2021: 350 €
SUMMER 2021: 210 


Payment for the FALL SEMESTER is due in July, for the SPRING SEMESTER in December and for the SUMMER SESSION in May.

Payment Method

> BANK TRANSFER: Once admitted, please contact Mrs. MARTA FERNANDEZ-BORJA, FINANCE OFFICER, for Bank Details. Phone +34 (91) 5636740. (


Academic Support Fee

*ACADEMIC SUPPORT FEE: 1.300 € (non refundable).

  • NEW STUDENTS need to send us a non refundable Tuition Deposit of 1300 € within 10 days of acceptance.
  • SECOND AND THIRD YEAR STUDENTS should send this deposit during the month of July of the Academic Year. 
  • The admission of a student depends on the student’s formal acceptance. This will be granted once the student has completed both the academic and economic requirements of the admission procedures.
  • If, after acceptance, the student decides not to enroll at CIS this amount will not be refunded.
  • Once this step has been completed, the student will be formally enrolled and should see the Dean of Students to register for classes.

Tuition and Fees Payment:

  • The total amount for each Academic Semester (Fall/Spring/Summer) should be paid in full. The amount will depend on the number of credits that the student registers for each semester.
  • The course “Internships” carries credits.
  • Payments for each period must be made even if the student does not attend classes during the semester.
  • Students will not be permitted to attend classes if all payments have not been made.
  • All the fees must be paid in full within the 15 days before the beginning of classes.
  • Transfer and graduation fees will be billed independently.
  • If there is a delay in payment there will be a 10% surcharge. 


  • Children of alumni: 5% of academic fees.
  • Siblings who attend CIS at the same time: 5% of academic fees.

Refund Policy

Courses are confirmed at the end of the first week of class. No changes or refunds will be allowed after the first week. The students who drop a subject(s) after the first week and before the end of the 8th week will receive a “W” (official withdrawal). No refunds will be given if the student decides to withdraw.