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Evan Maurice

Evan Maurice

Talent Manager - Inpulls Production

Class of 2023
During my time at CIS University , I had the privilege of learning from distinguished professors who provided me with a strong foundation for my future.The university’s commitment to excellence , combined with its innovative curriculum , equipped me with the necessary tools to thrive in the dynamic world of business. I am immensely grateful for the support and guidance I received from my mentors , classmates , and the entire CIS University community. Their constant encouragement and collaborative spirit fostered an environnement conducive to personal and professional development. Thank you , CIS University , for providing me with an exceptional education and for preparing me to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I am proud to be a CIS University graduate , and I look forward to the exciting journey ahead !

Shana Fatnassi

Shana Fatnassi

Alumni - Study Abroad 2023

I am excited to share that my year abroad at CIS University has come to a close. This experience has been truly life-changing, both personally and professionally. During my time abroad, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, learn a new language, and make lifelong friendships. I also gained valuable skills and experiences that will undoubtedly benefit me in my future endeavors. Thank you CIS University!

Carla Amar 1

Carla Amar

Manager HR Business Partner - Orange España

Class of 1996
One of the most important decisions one makes in life, due to its future significance, is what to study and where. In my case, being a CIS University student offered me the opportunity to get to experience a different type of teaching, which is more empirical, dynamic and, from what I remember, very hands-on. It has instilled values in me that have served as the basis of my professional career: effort, perseverance and responsibility.

Such was my positive experience that, some years later, my son became part of the CIS student body. Two generations of CIS students! (Now, waiting for the third).

Águeda Alvargonzalez

Águeda Alvargonzalez

Senior Publicist - The Walt Disney

Class of 2008
For me, CIS University is synonymous with who I have become. CIS University gave me the opportunity to both grow as a person and to finish my Communication and Art studies at Richmond University in London. A month after graduating, I was already doing an internship at Agatha Ruiz de la Prada where I developed my skills and knowledge over a period of 8 years. I directed their Communication Department over the last 5 years. Currently, I am part of the Communication and PR Department of Disney Destinations which I have been doing for the past 2 years - an exciting job. I am who I am today thanks to CIS University.


Founder & President - Brands & Rights 360

Class of 1989
I recommend the experience of studying at CIS University because it offers the opportunity to study a huge range of degrees (some of which do not exist in the Spanish system). In an increasingly globalized world with a seemingly infinite and sometimes daunting list of international universities to choose from, I can tell you that CIS University allows you to study what you enjoy most and have a very interesting international experience in the process.

Jorge Branger 1

Jorge Branger

Founder - Fluence Leaders

Class of 2019
Life is not to be lived; it is to be celebrated. I am glad to say that I made one of the best decisions of my life in attending CIS University. CIS, more than a university, is a way of life; it is to be part of something great. Of all the reasons I decided to attend CIS University, the one that stands out the most was: “I'm going to take on the world”. As students, we want to achieve all our dreams and CIS gives us the resources to do so.

Tristan Alvarez Pickman 1

Tristán Álvarez Pickman

Associate Banker - Lombard Odier Group

Class of 2011
Many times, we overlook the great opportunity that CIS University offers without realizing that it is the door to the best chapters of our lives. The offer is incredible, especially in the United States.

Terina Amoedo 1

Terina Amoedo

Product Manager - Lancôme Perfumes L'Oréal

Class of 2012
CIS University has given me the opportunity to discover my skills in each of my projects and to reorient my career towards the best possible outcome to be able to develop my potential to the fullest. If I had to mention 3 things from this great experience, I would say:
1.The American education system: oriented to get the best out of you.
2. The international environment: I remain friends with people I met from all over the world.
3. The spirit of knowing that there is always a team willing to find what is best for you.

Without a doubt, the reason that I have been able to study abroad, work in a multinational company like L'Oréal and record an album, all the while maintaining a balance between my work life and my passions, is partly thanks to CIS University.

Tara Ahluwalia & Samuel Lackey

Alumni - Study Abroad 2019

Everyone at CIS University is focused on giving you the most enjoyable and eye-opening experience possible and Madrid certainly delivers. These past four months have given us so many life-changing experiences that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Patricia Rico 1

Patricia Rico-Avello Loncán

Digital Marketing Strategist & Planner - Equmedia

Class of 2019
My education at CIS University allowed me to start a successful and satisfying career at Equmedia, one of the top 4 media agencies in Spain in 2020. During my years at CIS University, my professors were there for me, helping me along my journey; if it weren't for them, I'm not sure I could have done it. CIS University not only supported me in the past while I was studying, but also throughout my professional career they have followed my journey and helped me. I am very proud to be part of CIS University alumni; they helped me to shape my academic path and professional career and to become the person I am today!

Mauro Barreno 1

Mauro Barreno

Video Production - CIS University

Class of 2016
CIS University has been a very positive experience from a professional, personal and cultural perspective. The university gave me the opportunity to finish my last two years of study in Boston, an adventure that I would recommend to all students. Thank you, CIS for being part of that important stage of my life and for continuing to trust and support me today!

Gwendoline Guillot 2

Gwendoline Guillot

Alumni - Study Abroad 2020

I am a French student in business school. Attracted by the Spanish capital, I decided to study abroad for a semester at CIS. This experience was very enriching. I met professors and educators who are professional, human and in touch with their students. The courses in English are of high quality and the welcome is warm. I recommend this university 100%.

Blanca Álvarez Tejedor

Class of 2021
I believe that university is one of the experiences that simply cannot be missed out on as it is the beginning of your future. It has helped me decide and know what I really like and where I want to direct my work life. Learn, take full advantage and enjoy the experience. Thank you, CIS University!


Beltrán Soto Fernández de Córdova

Head de Delivery - Grupo Restalia

Class of 2010
CIS University has not only provided me with personal and professional relationships that will last me the rest of my life, but it was also the best springboard for my professional development.

Salvador Tamayo scaled 1

Salvador Tamayo

Class of 2020
I want to thank CIS University for all the help and support they have given me this year. They have really shown me what it feels like to be part of a family. I will miss you all and hope we can meet again in the future.

Ethan Richards

Alumni - Study Abroad 2020

My time in Madrid this past semester I will never forget. I learned so much through the experience. I was able to practice Spanish with native speakers. I saw a considerable amount of works of art and history. While living abroad, I also learned a lot about myself. I want to go back to Spain in the future. I want to travel to so many more places as a student and professional. We have so much to learn from our fellow citizens of the world. Thank you, CIS University.


Felix Siloniz

Santander - Private Banking International

Class of 2010
CIS University, the best university in the world.

Carlota Barreno 1

Carlota Barreno

Digital Marketing & Design - CIS University

Class of 2015
CIS University has marked a before and after in my academic and professional life. I currently work at the university in the Department of Digital Marketing and Design. If I had to describe CIS University in one word, it would be “family”.