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Associate Degree: Business

Associate of Science in Business

This program will help you to train in the fundamental aspects of the business world, including business management, accounting, finance, marketing and human resources. Acquire the analytical tools, techniques and research needed to lay the foundations of your future.

 Our Associate degree program will allow you to easily transition to the Bachelor’s degree through the 2+2 program, and complete the specialization that you are interested in at our Madrid campus, at Endicott College or at any American university in the world.

The compulsory internship of the second year is an essential part of the curriculum. Through experience in the company, you will obtain the necessary professional background and know what you want to specialize in within the business world.

What specializations can you do with this Associate Degree?

  • Business Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Finance/Stock markets
  • Hotel management and hospitality companies
  • Sport Management

Two-year program

Madrid Campus

120 internship hours

Official Associate Degree

100% in English

International experience

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