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Why joining the CIS University Clubs can benefit your future

Put yourself in situation. You have just finished high school and you find yourself at the gates of a new stage in which everything that was part of your daily life has been left behind.

You are facing a new school, new classmates, new teachers and even a new city or country in some cases.

It is not strange that you feel a bit dizzy when you experience so many changes at the same time, that is why at CIS University, within our student support department, we have different university clubs that you can join to share your free time with other students with similar interests and concerns to yours.

This initiative will undoubtedly facilitate your process of adaptation to the university world and will allow you to enjoy a wide range of activities that will complement your education outside the academic environment. 

Because at CIS University we believe that university life is much more than just attending classes; the university clubs are a good example of this.


What are the CIS University Clubs?

University clubs are small communities of students who get together and organize activities around a common interest.

The main objective of these clubs is to balance students’  physical, mental and emotional dimensions  by creating a space where they can share their hobbies while expanding their knowledge in a more playful and transversal way.

The skills developed in these clubs are very valuable for both the personal and professional growth of their members.


Types of University Clubs 

The nature of university clubs will depend on the interests of the students, the philosophy of the university or the university degrees that are taught. 

Most often, college clubs are related to the degree being pursued, but some are also geared toward developing new skills. 

In fact, there are as many types of college clubs as you can imagine:


  • Science club
  • Corporate communications club
  • Theater club
  • Big Data Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Business Club
  • Film Club
  • Music Club
  • Chess Club
  • Art Club
  • Book club
  • Humanitarian aid club
  • Debate club
  • Sports Club
  • Amateur Radio Club
  • Creative societies


However, they all have one thing in common: the activities they organize always revolve around the theme of each club. 

Either tournaments, the publication of a magazine, conferences by experts in the field, research lines, outings, visits to museums, etc.


University Clubs can benefit your future


Benefits of joining our university clubs

The university clubs are another tool to carry out an integral formation of the students since, besides being perfect to put into practice the knowledge learned in the classrooms, they also allow them to develop some of the essential competencies for their professional future such as teamwork, empathy or their communication and leadership skills.

But beyond that, being part of a university club has multiple advantages:


1 – It expands your network of contacts. 

2 – It provides you with a more active social life.

3 – It offers a greater role and autonomy to students.

4 – Encourages the exchange of learning among classmates.

5 – Allows you to put your knowledge into practice in a safe way. 

6 – Improves your university experience.

7 – Increases your chances of finding a job, since belonging to a university club can differentiate you from the rest of the candidates.


In addition, being part of a university club is like joining a family that you can rely on and with whom you will share experiences of all kinds.

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