CIS University Camila Guillen

Camila Guillén, champion of Elite Challenge

At CIS University we continue to support the development of young athletes through programs that allow us to combine high-performance sports and university studies. Our main objective through these programs is to help young people fulfill their sporting dreams without neglecting their academic and professional development.

“For me, the most important thing is education. The possibility of studying an American degree had a lot of weight in my decision” Camila Guillén.

In the 2021-2022 season, Elite Soccer University Program students participated in the Elite Challenge, organized by the PA Team and CIS University. The students took a monthly test where they added points until there was a final winner. Camila Guillén managed to become the champion beating Federico Tamayo by just a 1 point difference. Fede was the leader in the standings for almost the entire season, but Camila overtook him by one point in the penultimate test and knew how to maintain the lead until the end. Most of the tests have been precision: crossbar, corner challenge, challenge of the 3 goals, footgolf…

Congratulations Camila!