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Why an International Studies Degree is a good option

If you are wondering why an international studies degree is a good option here you have a few key points that will help you to decide. The world is in constant change. From global political stand-offs to catastrophic climate change issues, we need effective leaders to guide us through the continuous adjustments and crises our planet undergoes on a daily basis. 

To this end, companies and organizations are looking for internationally minded, future-forward professionals, with first-hand experience and extensive knowledge of global politics and economics. And that’s a lot of criteria to meet.

Is an international studies degree what you need to break into this complex and competitive field? We are positive that this type of education degree is absolutely essential in today’s professional world.

The Global Overview

The field of international relations is becoming more and more relevant in society today. Effective communication between countries is a key for making beneficial relationships and ensuring a safer world. International relations are all about power and weakness, war and peace, conflicts and cooperation. Understanding these behavior patterns becomes the only way to change it. 

Know your goals

If you find the right international studies degree program, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the world we live in. Here at CIS Endicott we have various academics programs to help you achieve your goal. 

You’ll study and examine how the individual culture of a nation and its politics, economics, governance, law and security impacts on their relationships. Besides, you will gain skills in: effective oral and written communications, gathering, organizing and presenting information and data from various sources, critical analysis, intercultural and global awareness, working as part of a team to achieve common goals, time management and use technology for research among other things. 

CIS Endicott Method

The education method we use at CIS helps students to choose the major that best fits with their aptitudes and that remains most consistent with their interests. We are aware that one of the most significant characteristics of the American Higher Education System is its flexibility. CIS Endicott offers 3 course categories for the first 2 years, which allows access to a significant number of majors for years three and four.  

Upon successfully completing the four-year program, a bachelor’s degree is awarded to each student in his or her chosen major. During the last two years, classes are more specific, and correspond with the major chosen by the student. 

Our Degrees

At CIS Endicott we take your career very seriously and we are aware that International Studies are very important. For this reason, we have created The Bachelor’s Degree Program. 




Those students who decide to study the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in International Studies will study a multi-disciplinary program that prepares them to be a leader in an increasingly interdependent global community.

This major will teach you to critically examine world affairs and pursue advanced degrees and/or careers in international law, diplomacy, politics, and business. The program will also prepare you for careers with governmental and non-governmental organizations whose work addresses human rights, economic development, conflict resolution, the plight of refugees, and other pressing global needs.

As we mention before, CIS offers 3 course categories for the first two years


Students undertaking Communications explore the ways media impacts the individual and the society, locally and internationally. Students are provided with a solid academic background that promotes written and critical thinking skills, as well as theoretical and applied knowledge. Internships are an integral part of the curriculum. 

CIS Endicott Students in Spain can complete the four-year International Business Degree program entirely in Madrid or they can opt to complete the final two years at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachussets or any other American college or university in the world.


This Degree is designed to develop the authoritative perspective and personal leadership skills that successful business managers need.  From supervisors to CEOs, this track helps students become more effective managers in complex environments.  

Through real-world experience, students learn how to prepare for their future professions. Possible internship roles include human resource management, consumer product management, retail management, and non-profit management.

Liberal Studies 

Our Liberal Studies Degree program includes studying International Relations, Psychology, History, Language Studies, Political Science among others. 

If you still feel that you can’t make your decision, please feel free to check all the information available about CIS Endicott degrees here


The Satisfaction

When you study a program in international studies, you know that you’re working toward making a difference in the world. You understand that every lesson brings you one step closer to gaining a profound understanding of our planet. What better use of your talents than to join the ranks of these world-changing graduates, and leave your mark on society?

A degree in international studies is absolutely worth the challenge as long as you choose the right university to develop and maximize your talents. Ready to explore your options? We are sure that CIS Endicott is the perfect fit for you and we are waiting to start this journey together!