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What is and how to apply to summer entrepreneurship programs?

Are you a student with an idea for a startup? The Summer Entrepreneurship Programs will give you a hands-on opportunity to discover whether your idea has the potential to become a good business.

What is a summer entrepreneurship program?

The summer entrepreneurship programs are the way to develop a repeatable and scalable business model. You will talk to possible customers to gauge potential interest in your product or service. You will present to investors to explore funding possibilities.

By the end of the summer, you’ll have developed the skills needed to assess and shape an entrepreneurial opportunity. You’ll have honed your presentation skills. 

You’ll have developed real insights into whether the entrepreneurial path is for you. And you’ll know whether your business idea is one that can be successfully pursued or if you need to move on to a more promising idea.

The summer entrepreneurship program is not a short bootcamp or a startup incubator. It is a simulation of what startups and entrepreneurs face in the real world: the uncertainty and impossibly fast pace, along with the enormous potential for growth and innovation.

Tailored to you

CIS University summer entrepreneurship program let you take advantage of the summer months to think in new ways. Discover how a CIS University Endicott International summer experience can enrich your educational and professional life.

No matter your profile, goals, or ambitions, we have the program for you. There is a place for everyone and a program to match.

Expand your knowledge in integral subjects vital for a well-rounded education focusing on the social sciences, business entrepreneurship, economics and aspects of human society and culture while developing essential soft skills in teamwork, creative problem solving, negotiation and communication techniques.

Expect to grow personally and professionally by connecting with likeminded peers in our international learning environment.



Unique opportunities offered by CIS University Endicott College

Our business and entrepreneurship summer program gives you the opportunity to kick-start your future by teaching you about the business world. Learn what a business is, how it works, what it takes to make it successful, and see firsthand some lucrative ventures that have paid off. From start-up to successful business learn what it takes to turn an idea into a reality.

Build out your resume and develop a “business mind” that will not only help you succeed in class, but beyond the classroom as well. 

CIS´ University hands-on business & entrepreneurship summer programs allows you to:

  • Build a framework for understanding varying marketing strategies
  • Learn about key strategic issues across different business landscapes
  • Develop an understanding for marketing and advertising campaigns, from strategy to execution, and analyzing results 
  • Appreciate the challenges involved in traditional and digital marketing 

…and many more!

The Entrepreneurship program CIS University offers

Our program is an introduction to entrepreneurship while we guide you to the steps you need to take to succeed.  This is based on theoretical and practical sessions and workshops, round-tables, visits and entrepreneurs’ testimonials of personal experiences.

The academic program includes: field trips for hands-on experiences, visits to entrepreneurship centers and business institutions, social events and activities.

You’ll have transportation in Miami during academic activities and a visit to Everglades, a double room, breakfast and lunch, health and accidental insurance and many more!

By taking this program you will:

  • Know how to start your own entrepreneurial adventure, from finding an idea, to marketing or raising capital for your project.
  • Learn the entrepreneurial skills and mindset that are needed to start a business from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Have a clear idea of what it means to be an entrepreneur and leverage your leadership skills appropriately in any organization
  • Identify the success factors to launch a new idea, product or service
  • Develop the language required to compete in today’s start-up world and build a contemporary business plan that is viable
  • Build and expand your own professional network

With baseline knowledge and experience given in our business and entrepreneurship summer program, you will have an advantage over your peers. Your experience will make you a more well-rounded, knowledgeable individual with enhanced academic and life skills. This is such a great opportunity!

We are certain that the program will prove helpful in enriching our students’ overall experience with CIS University.

If we have awakened your interest, apply to our summer entrepreneurship program here!

We would love you to join us in this unique experience at CIS University and allow us to be a part of your bright future!