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Power skills

Top 10 power skills for the future of work

In an increasingly digitalized world, where artificial intelligence is gaining ground in our lives by leaps and bounds, there is only one aspect that differentiates ourselves from machines and allows us to provide the added value that companies are looking for: our Power Skills. 

This is the reason why most CEOs around the world are immersed in a reskilling process with the purpose of developing this type of competencies in their staff and incorporating new profiles that already possess them.

That is why at CIS University, in addition to offering university degrees, we have a student support department whose objective is to enhance the Power Skills of our students and accompany them during their process of self-knowledge and personal growth.


What are the Power Skills?

When we talk about Power Skills we refer to all those skills related to interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence. 

That is, competencies related to the most human side of people, such as empathy, assertiveness, creativity and critical thinking, among many others.


What role will the Power Skills play in the companies?

Until quite recently, companies focused solely on technical knowledge or hard skills when evaluating candidates for their job vacancies. 

However, in 1972, the U.S. Army found that the most successful troops were not those who had the most mastery of machinery, but those who had the most developed transversal skills such as communication, teamwork and conflict resolution.

This discovery led to the birth of the term Soft Skills. And, since then, organizations began to take these factors into account in their selection processes, but only as a complement to the hard skills.

With the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, the world suffered a huge setback and companies led by people with high adaptability and great leadership skills had more chances to succeed.

As a result of this evidence, companies focused on developing the Power Skills of their workforces and hiring people who possess them. 

Because, after all, technical skills can be learned quite easily, but Power Skills are a characteristic that makes us unique.

That is why the president of Dartmouth University, Philip Hanlon, proposed replacing the name “Soft Skills” with “Power Skills”.


The 10 Power Skills most in-demand

After all of the above, it is not surprising that Power Skills have become the most valued skills by job recruiters today. 

But what are the power skills most in demand by companies at the moment?


1 – Communication skills

45% of companies say that most job seekers are not able to communicate effectively.

In fact, knowing how to listen and being able to convey ideas clearly will not only increase your chances of finding a job, but will be crucial for the smooth running of any organization.


2 – Problem Solving

If there is one Power Skill that affects the work environment, it is undoubtedly the ability to solve problems and conflicts.

Having the ability to analyze situations objectively and find mutually satisfactory solutions will improve your relationship with both clients and other colleagues.


3 – Adapting to change

The ability to adapt to new and unexpected situations is especially relevant in today’s unpredictable environment, where changes occur at a dizzying pace and the ability of companies to react can make the difference between success and failure.


power skills more in demand



4 – Teamwork

“If you want to move fast, go it alone. But if you want to go far, go together.”

Companies know this and that is why the ability to collaborate and work in a team is one of the most demanded Power Skills today, as well as an indispensable requirement for the success of any professional career.


5 – Leadership

Unlike what we usually think, leadership skills are not exclusively oriented to people who want to develop their career focusing on team management.

According to the latest research, companies that offer leadership training to all their employees are up to four times more likely to succeed than the rest.


6 – Critical thinking

The ability to analyze information and make connections between different ideas is indispensable to make better decisions.

In addition, this Power Skill will also help you validate arguments, have more interesting conversations and find ways to improve your work.


7 – Creativity

The ability to think out of the box and find alternative solutions should not be limited to professions related to marketing or design.

In fact, this Power Skill can be very useful in different areas of life. 


8 – Emotional Intelligence

Being able to recognize and manage one’s own and others’ emotions is fundamental for personal and group well-being.

That is why people who have well developed this Power Skill are so valued by their environment, both personally and professionally.


9 – Diversity and cultural intelligence

Companies that manage to understand diversity as an opportunity for growth will gain a great competitive advantage over the rest.

Therefore, candidates who have enjoyed a gap year or a long stay abroad can bring great added value in this regard.


10 – Ability to learn

Being a humble person, with concerns and willingness to keep learning will allow you to improve in everything you set out to do.

As, for example, the rest of your Power Skills.


Will the Power skills make the difference?

At CIS University we are convinced of this.

That is why, beyond the academic program, we offer our students the opportunity to train their Power Skills through their participation in our foundations and NGO, our debate clubs or our study abroad programs, among other extracurricular activities.

Would you like to know more? Then sit back and enjoy this video in which our colleague Dámaris Gonzalo shares the keys to improve your Power Skills.