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How to apply to an American university in Madrid

If you’re planning to study in Spain, you will find a long lists of colleges, international education  institutions and universities. The higher education system in Spain is well positioned internationally and it is generally top placed within the global education rankings. Applying for attendance at an American university in Madrid is the first step in making your dreams come true. All universities in the country require an application to be completed before you can be considered for admission. Luckily you will find that filling out these applications is simple and easy to do and takes only a short amount of your time.

Why choose Madrid for your studies

When you choose to study in Madrid, you are choosing one of the most beautiful cities you’ll ever see. The city’s commitment to preserving and restoring its most beloved historical buildings, communities and landmarks is balanced with its devotion to the development of modern infrastructure. Madrid is both a historic and a modern global city.

A simple walk through any of Madrid’s neighborhoods reveals the city’s dedication to create and maintain this important balance between old and new.

Madrid and its International Universities

People who study in this city enjoy its beauty while also benefiting from its high-quality universities. Some of the most respected schools in Europe reside in Madrid and quality study programs are abundant.

There are several international universities and institutions that offer higher education in Madrid, usually in English or bilingual education.

International education offers a degree and credit structure that is widely accepted at higher education institutions around the world. These institutions offer a very diverse faculty, host students from around the globe and are generally accredited by international bodies.

Advantages of the American Education System in Madrid

One of the best things about studying within the American Education System is the vast number of academic options offered to students. One can study everything and that is why so many foreigners choose to obtain their training in American universities. 

Studying in an American university will give you global recognition and due to the training you make during the courses you will get many opportunities to be included in numerous worldwide companies. 

The campus experience is absolutely worthy because many students make friends that last a lifetime. The lessons learned by co-existing and living with others from all over the world are priceless.

You’ll gain a wider and more international perspective. Students no longer need to focus on certain geographic areas when obtaining their academic training and at CIS Endicott we make sure to give that perfect perspective for your future. 

Also, being taught in an American university in Madrid means that you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish and that’s a very good thing considering Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language. 

Most of the multinationals have headquarters in Madrid and this is a great plus when it comes to getting a job. Most young people dream of having a good job in a multinational company. 

Besides, the multitude of nationalities makes the city culturally rich. Madrid is one of the cities with rich cultural references in Europe and the first Erasmus city of Europe. Sounds good, right? 

Also you should take in mind that the weather is fantastic due to the high sunshine throughout the year and you can always have plans to go out and enjoy the nightlife. Very few other cities can beat this criteria. 

Admission in our American University

At CIS Endicott we provide various types of admission so things could be easier for you. Besides, our new Application system will allow students from all over the world to complete the whole process efficiently, keeping everyone safe and healthy.

We provide Online Admissions and Scholarships

If you want to apply for our Online Admission, here you can access the form. 

CIS Scholarship program is open throughout the year, very competitive and is meant for any student who meets the requirements. 

In our American university in Madrid you can take advantage of 3 types of scholarships: work, academic or presidential. Get all the information you need on this page. 

Don’t miss your chance to study in an American University in Madrid

Spain is able to offer a quality of life like no other. The second most-visited country in the world in 2017, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Spain’s ability to entice and excite is hard to rival. 

Getting the chance to study in Madrid will give you so many opportunities during your student life and after. With a cost of living that’s relatively low compared to its European counterparts, softer visa restrictions, and a reputation as a safe and secure country, it’s no wonder Madrid is extremely appealing to students from all over the world. 

So, go on, apply now and let us be a part of your bright future!