The admissions process at CIS is very personalized.  We closely examine application in order to get a true sense of the person behind the document, and we fully consider the personal profile, characteristics, interests, and objectives of all aspiring CIS students.

The admissions process consists of five phases:


  1. Initial contact for information via telephone, email or in person.
  2. Personal interview.
  3. Two entrance exams:
    • Mathematics Placement Test.
    • English Level Test: For non-native speakers, this allows us to determine if you speak, read, and write English well enough to effectively study at CIS.  For native speakers, this helps us to see how you think and write.
  4. Each student must provide the following documentation:
    • Completed application form (either using our online form, by traditional mail, or in person)
    • Official High School transcripts.
    • Letter of recommendation (you can use the form included below if needed).
    • An ID photo.
    • Copy of ID or Passport.
    • Application fee (100 €).
  5. Should you be admitted, you will receive an acceptance letter from CIS.  At that point, you will begin to create your personalized academic program with our Academic Dean.


International Students

Upon being admitted to CIS, non-EU students must obtain a student visa in order to stay in Spain during the first two years of the program.  The requirements will vary depending on nationality.  Students should consult their local Spanish Consulate, and obtain information relevant to their specific situation.  CIS provides non-EU students who are admitted with documentation that is necessary to help them to obtain a student visa.


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