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Education Linked to Social Commitment

CIS University and RFK Spain

CIS University, the American University of Madrid, has long had the mission to provide an education based on humanist principles that enable its students to contribute to a more just and committed society.

In this context, the university’s union with the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation was a natural match that began with common projects years ago, and was formally established in 2018.

Since then, María Díaz de la Cebosa, president of CIS University, also holds the role of the presidency of RFK Spain.

The collaboration between both entities is very close, both at the level of academic programs, as well as participation in activities and events of the Foundation.

RFK Spain has two very important programs in the educational environment: Speak truth to Power, and Teach truth to Power. Both develop plans to integrate the teaching of human rights among students and teachers in different schools.

The program is being developed in more than twenty countries, and in the Community of Madrid alone it has already been taught to more than 4,500 teachers and students in local schools and institutes.

At the academic level, within CIS University, students have incorporated the subject of Human Rights into their educational careers, with the corresponding credits to obtain the necessary official certification in their degrees.

In this way, a committed attitude is sought on the part of the students, who in addition to knowing the theoretical contents of guides such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, must reflect and contribute, from individual action, to the improvement of situations where Human Rights are compromised.

There are many events and activities in which the RFK Foundation participates, and in which students and members of the educational community of CIS University have the opportunity and the privilege of being able to participate.

In September, the premiere of the play “Voices from the Darkness” was held in order to bring together the testimonies of defenders of human rights. to unite the testimonies of international human rights defenders with defenders from our country such as Irene Villa, Father Angel, from Mensajeros de la Paz, or the filmmaker Jon Viar.

The actors who represented the different characters were students of the University who demonstrated, with great professionalism, their knowledge and commitment to the values that CIS University and the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation convey.

The Foundation’s latest event took place at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville in December. RFK Spain joined forces with the Barenboim Said Foundation to organize a concert tour with the Youth Orchestra of Andalusia, conducted by Maestro Pablo Heras Casado, and also supported by the Junta de Andalucía.

CIS University, in short, has always set as a goal a deep social commitment, and from academic excellence seeks to turn its students into the humanist leaders needed to contribute to the common good and the dissemination of Human Rights.

Therefore, the union with an institution such as the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation is the ideal and necessary way to consolidate and enrich these principles in our educational community.