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CIS University Feria Empleabilidad

Betting on the future

At CIS University, we know that internships are essential for the academic and professional development of our students. Proof of this is, for more than 40 years, that our academic curriculum has included Semester Internship, Internship Strategies and Internship II as compulsory subjects (more than 600 hours of internships). In addition, the internships for the students serve as a guide to discover what it is that they really want to dedicate themselves to in the future and, therefore, to choose the correct path to achieve it.

On March 3rd and 4th, 2022, CIS University was part of Next Job, the first free face-to-face job fair created by young people (Teal Group Team) and for young people. As a university, we are committed to this initiative as it is a fundamental lever to generate job hiring opportunities or professional internships, networking and promote youth entrepreneurship.

The event was inaugurated by Ángel Niño, Madrid City Council’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Delegate Councilor, and Eva Atienza Pacheco, People Director of Telefónica. Companies from the world of Marketing, Business and Engineering attended to help young people and explain how their selection processes works, the job offers and internships available and how to apply to each of them. There were presentations and round tables on very diverse topics: cryptocurrencies, digital marketing, Business Intelligence, Metaverse and more. To finish, the attendees were able to enjoy an after-work session with the company Mahou, who brought together students, entrepreneurs and companies with the aim of expanding their network of professional contacts.

CIS University had the opportunity to moderate one of the round tables of the event: How to implement innovation in a business culture? During the round table, we had José Ruiz Canela, Ph.D., professor at CIS University, as moderator and we were able to chat and learn with Berta Lázaro, Co-founder of Teamlabs, Daniel Santa Cruz, Director of Innovation at OW, and Javier Díaz-Miguel, Head of Digital Commercial Transformation at Globalcaja.

Thank you to the entire Teal Group team for this enriching initiative for our students, and young people in general, and for having us take part in it all. See you next year!