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Internship II

Course No: INT 200
Course Title: Internship II
Credits: 2 US (4 ECTS)

Catalog Description

A 120-hour internship experience. Planning and assignments are discussed with the instructor and Internship coordinator at the start of the internship experience. The internship is exploratory and experientially based.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will be able to: 

1. Produce a professional CV/resume in both English and Spanish.

2. Work independently in a professional work environment.

3. Set three professional learning goals for your internship.

4. Evaluate the site, environment, and surroundings of your internship location.

5. Comment on the Professional’s Perspective of a person working at your internship location.

6. Comment on the Organizational and Individual behavior at your internship location.

7. Comment on transferring and applying learning from your classes to your professional work.

Semester Internship Strategies

Course No: BUS 379 / CMM 379 / LST 379
Course Title: Semester Internship Strategies
Credits: 1 US (2 ECTS)

Catalog Description

This course consists of a series of eight sessions to help juniors prepare to search for and undertake the full-semester internship. The topics covered include planning strategically for the semester internship, focusing on the internship search, assessing the résumé and applying for the internship, interviewing for the internship, participating in mock interviews, and making the most of the internship. Students are required to complete the course before undertaking the semester internship.  Prerequisites: INT 100, INT 200, junior class status.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will be able to: 

1. Identify and explore professions connected to their Major that may be of interest for internships and/or professional career opportunities.

2. Develop an effective personal statement and résumé.

3. Create and tailor an effective cover letters. 

4. Identify professionals who are willing to serve as references. 

5. Communicate the value of their education, professional experience and personal attributes to potential employers.    

6. Build an online profile to network effectively towards finding suitable internships and/or professional career opportunities.

7. Respond with confidence to typical job interview questions by preparing for and participating in mock interviews.

Semester Internship

Course No: BUS 480 / CMM 480 / LST 480
Course Title: Semester Internship
Credits: 12 US (24 ECTS)

Catalog Description

A full-semester field experience, this course requires that students apply academic theories to the professional work environment. The course is planned with and supervised by faculty and site supervisors. Seven On-campus seminars enable students to reflect on their internship experiences, discuss reading and writing assignments that integrate theory and practice, and refine their job search skills. At the conclusion of the course, students deliver oral presentations that clearly articulate their internship experiences, professional strengths, and future career directions.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will be able to: 

1. Learn how to learn by designing, undertaking and successfully completing a structured learning experience in a professional/work setting using individual learning objectives.  

2. Link theory to practice by developing an understanding of how action inquiry and formal research can inform professional practice and add value. 

3. Undertake business research by identifying a researchable problem linked to the internship experience and the research methods most appropriate for its investigation within the Senior Thesis project. 

4. Realistically gauge level of current understanding and skills through supervisor and faculty feedback and reflective self-assessment of performance while on internship.