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CIS University A Closer Look at the CIS University Math Lab Experience

A Closer Look at the CIS University Math Lab Experience

By Natalia Pozo

Mathematics is frequently seen as a severe academic obstacle by most students. Here at CIS University the issue is being mastered daily thanks to the Math Lab. This lab is a welcoming space that assists students in smaller groups to help them find answers to their math inquiries Mondays through Thursdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. The tutors, professors Alfonso Taboada and Tomás Núñez, assist students in this lab in preparing for exams, class projects, or to boost their quiz grades by completing new activities.

Professor Alfonso Taboada explained the lab’s mission: “The Math Lab helps students who are having difficulties with math, so that they can have one-on-one assistance. It is optional, but highly recommended when students are performing poorly in math.” 

Students benefit immensely from this extra aid, as it helps those who are struggling in this area improve their GPA. One of the Math Lab’s standout features is its option to redo failed quizzes. It allows students to raise their grade by showing understanding of their past errors. It is a great opportunity to boost one’s GPA.

Moreover, it is a way of earning extra credit. If you participate in five sessions, you can earn one percentage point in your overall grade. If you attend 10 sessions, it goes up to 3%. Lastly, if you attend 15 sessions or more, you earn 5%, which is the maximum. This is reflected in your participation grade.

Pupils attending the Math Lab have nothing but good words to say about it. Eugenia Goetsch, a current CIS University student studying Communications and Marketing confirmed it: “It’s an experience that helps you improve your math level, as it is a more intimate environment, rather than being in a 15-person class where the teacher can’t go one by one solving individual inquiries.” 

The Math Lab at CIS University is an innovator in the field of mathematics education and is more than just a resource. With a focus on eliminating obstacles, boosting self-esteem, and encouraging a love for mathematics, the lab is giving pupils the tools they require for success not only in the classroom but also in a world that is becoming more and more data-driven. What used to be anxiety over math is transformed into math knowledge one student at a time.