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8 reasons why joining a Debate Club can benefit your career

We have already mentioned more than once the multiple benefits of being part of a University Club.

But, if there is one club that stands out for its long tradition within the American educational system, it is undoubtedly the Debate Club.

A space of trust and mutual respect in which students can develop their communication skills and their ability to reason in a safe and fun way to become better opinion leaders in the future.

Would you like to be able to defend and control any kind of situation with the only help of words? 

In our Debate club you will find all the tools you need to improve your speech and make your public appearances truly memorable.


The objectives of  a Debate Club

The initiative to create a Debate Club at CIS University responds to different objectives:

Firstly, as it is an extracurricular activity, through the creation of this type of Clubs we promote relationships between students outside the classroom and enhance collective learning through a playful activity that takes place in a more entertaining and participatory way.

Secondly, the Debate Club is the ideal space to deal with current issues, thus awakening the interest of students and encouraging them to develop critical thinking that allows them to get to the bottom of the matters and form their own opinion about them.

Of course, offering students the possibility of debating a topic in an orderly manner, respecting turns of speech and arguing their position in public with data and contrasted information, is a very interesting training of the participants’ linguistic abilities. 

And we are not only referring to their capacity for eloquence, but also to knowing how to use pauses and silences, to control body language in public appearances and to know how to listen actively to others even if they represent an opinion opposed to their own.

In fact, the members of the Debate Club must understand the exchange of opinions as an increase in knowledge, beyond a competition to be right or wrong. And this enhances values that are key to CIS University, such as respect, tolerance, empathy and sportsmanship.


8 Benefits of the debating Club

Would you like to know the main advantages of belonging to our Debate Club? 


  • You will learn to organize your ideas and structure the arguments of your speech to make them more understandable and convincing. 
  • You will increase your ability to synthesize. 
  • You will practice active listening and learn to analyze the position of others with respect and empathy. As the motto of the CIS University Debate Club says: “I raise my arguments, not my voice”. 
  • You will improve your research techniques and your digital skills, since in order to support your speech with concrete data you will have to be able to analyze and contrast information from different sources. 
  • You will learn to detect and refute fallacies with weighty arguments, contrasted data and diplomacy. 

Benefits of the debate club


  • You will develop your ability to work in a team to achieve a common goal.
  • You will train your communication skills and improve your diction. 
  • You will increase your self-esteem and confidence when speaking in public.


In short, you will become a more influential and respected person capable of expressing and defending a point of view before any type of audience and situation without offending or disqualifying anyone.

And all this thanks to the power of oratory and eloquence.


Examples of Debate activities at CIS University

Our debate sessions begin with the presentation of the topic to be discussed. We then form two opposing groups of students who present their arguments for or against, depending on the position they are defending.

We allow a prudential time for the verification of the arguments and open different rounds of replies where each team tries to dismantle the arguments of his opponent by providing new data or approaches.


And finally, we ask the audience to choose the team they found most convincing.

Would you like to know more about our club debate? Click here to find out more information.