Senior Thesis II

Course No: BUS 490    

Course Title: Senior Thesis II

Credits:  3


Catalog Description

Developing the concept explored in Senior Thesis I, students will investigate a topic related to business, in which they have a particular interest. The outcomes of the project are a scholarly paper and presentation.  Prerequisite: Senior Thesis I.


Learning outcomes

At the completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Thoroughly investigate a problem or issue which confronts the business researcher and has relevancy to personal experience or goals.  A successful Senior Thesis II research project will include:
    • Identification of a topic that is relevant to the business discipline studied
    • Examination of theoretical and historical research related to the topic (literature review)
    • Development of the identified critical issue and research question that is based on review of literature, research collected, and personal involvement with topic
    • Design and execution of empirical research to collect ‘real world’ data that can be analyzed in relation to research question
    • Synthesis of research into conclusions and recommendations for action as a business professional.
  • Effectively communicate in a formal paper the critical issue and research question along with research findings, conclusions and recommendation(s).
    • A successful Senior Thesis II written paper will include:
    • Grammar and syntax


Required Readings


  • A Writer’s Reference by Diana Hacker, 7th edition (WR)