Study abroad students share classes with other CIS students that attend regular classes at the University, just as they do in all the other events that the University organizes.  Activities are organized with the goal of helping the students immerse themselves in Spanish.  Some examples of activities are sports, language tandems, charity breakfasts and concerts, paintball, hiking in the nearby mountains, trips to the parks among others.


Generally speaking, Study Abroad students live with Spanish families. This gives them the opportunity to learn more about Spanish culture and serves as a means of improving their level of Spanish. Host families provide three meals a day, during which time students can talk with family members while enjoying a typical Spanish meal and feel part of the family. Each student has his or her own set of house keys which provides independence. The housing department coordinator checks in with the host families on a monthly basis and is in charge of gathering all student housing evaluations of the host families.

Short stay students, (January to June), live in student housing with other international and Spanish students. These centrally located residence halls offer individual rooms with a private bathroom, and a common area. Student housing is the suggested option for students staying in Madrid for periods of under two months.


CIS has its own soccer team that trains and plays in a local Madrid league.  Study Abroad students are invited and encouraged to join the team.  We also organize tennis and paddle tournaments each year.

If a student wishes to practice any other sport, CIS will assist in finding them a local team to play on giving them an additional social environment and allowing them to continue training during their Study Abroad term. Past students have played basketball and rugby.

Language Exchange.

Making new Spanish friends is key to integrating into a new culture. A “one- on-one” language exchange is a great way to practice Spanish and English in informal settings, such as parks, plazas, bars… while making friends outside the classroom. Pairs are matched according to interests and the student’s language level. CIS helps students set up such language exchanges shortly after arriving to Spain thus helping to improve their level of Spanish from the onset.

Hiking in the Sierras of Madrid.

Madrid isn´t just tall buildings, nocturnal life and a city of asphalt streets.  Just a few kilometers from the heart of the city lies a beautiful mountain range called the Sierra de Madrid, where one can get away, disconnect, take long walks and enjoy nature.

Ski lovers who don’t want to travel to other regions of Spain that offer high end skiing, have the opportunity to get in good runs in the Sierra de Madrid mountain, just a short distance from the city.  We also organize ski trips for students as well as provide walks with local guides.  Students can chose individual outings or organized groups leaving from CIS.