The Coaching Institute of Spain, which was founded by CIS, provides students with the guidance, structure, and feedback they need to be more successful in school and in life. Each student participating in this optional program is assigned a coach, who helps him or her to stay focused on priorities, and achieve his or her full potential.

In meetings, the student works together with his or her coach to identify the student’s goals, create action plans to help the student achieve them, track the student’s progression toward his or her goals, and keep the student motivated.

In each session, students and coaches also review the student’s progress, ensuring the student continues moving forward toward success.

In addition, there is a strong collaboration with our own Endicott College Dean on campus, Richard Pacheco, in keeping track of not only students who may not be performing on the desired academic level, but also students hoping to have a successful career in the United States after graduating college.  In other words, coaching is not strictly limited to students who are having trouble with their studies, rather it can also be of great benefit to students in a more general sense.

Service Provided:

College is a whole new world for most students. These young adults are about to encounter new people, new subjects, new ways of teaching, new expectations, and a whole new world of challenges that will come at them considerably faster than they have experienced before. The first two years are filled with excitement and opportunity. Students walk into our college experience with high hopes; hopes for a degree, a good job after graduation, and a good life. How can you ensure that students reach their goals? That’s what we’re here for.

We provide four levels of participation:

  • Students whose GPA is lower than 2.5.
  • Second or third year students who are leaving for a Foreign College or University
  • Students with a GPS higher than 3.5.
  • All students in general who want to participate.

Benefits for the Student

As students talk with their coach, they will work in the key areas that help them become a better student and better prepare them for life in general. In meetings that are tailored to the student’s specific needs, each student will focus on skills dealing with time management, college deadlines, social activities and effective life skills.

Specifically, the coach will help the student get the most out of the student college experience by helping him or her to:

  • Improve overall effectiveness setting their own priorities
  • Organizing a personal schedule
  • Formulating action plans
  • Developing short-term and long-term goals
  • Evaluate personal options and make good choices on the path towards graduation and career success
  • Connecting with those resources and opportunities on the campus that are needed for success

Benefits for the Teacher

Students in the Coaching Institute are more likely to come to class prepared, more likely to complete assignments on time, and more likely to retain what they learn through their studies.

Coaches work with students to help them understand what professors want from them, and prioritize academic tasks. Coaches encourage students to interact with faculty, and to take advantage of resources such as academic support or tutoring services.

The bottom line: Students who work with our coaches are more engaged in their studies, and more likely to achieve their full academic potential.

Our Coaches

The Coaches from “The Coaching Institute of Spain” are accomplished professionals dedicated to helping students perform at the highest possible level. Our coaches have impressive backgrounds in business management, education, psychology, and training & development, among other fields.


Student will have meetings with the coach which normally last 1 hour per session. The minimum time required to see results is four months.