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Why study in Madrid?

CIS University is an American university located in Madrid, the third largest city in Europe, where you can study your university degree in English and obtain an official American bachelor.

So you will not only enjoy the benefits of a high quality educational system, but also the advantages and opportunities of studying in this city.

8 reasons why you should study your university degree in Madrid

In addition to the great leisure and cultural richness that the capital of Spain has to offer, there are many other reasons why you should study your university degree in Madrid:

1 – Practice Spanish: Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and studying in Madrid is a great opportunity to perfect it.

2 – Strategic location: Madrid has an excellent location to travel around Spain, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

3 – Job opportunities: Madrid is the epicenter of innovation and the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem, so by studying in Madrid you will have access to a wide range of job opportunities.  

4 – Quality of life: Madrid’s climate is temperate and offers an average of 250 days of sunshine a year. In addition, it is a safe city, with great infrastructure, excellent public transportation and a wide range of services.

5 – Great cultural, gastronomic and leisure offerings: Madrid is a city with a vibrant nightlife, but also with a great cultural legacy that encompasses both the historical heritage and its delicious gastronomy.

6 – Trade fairs and professional events: Madrid hosts a huge number of trade fairs and professional events throughout the year, which is a great opportunity to network and learn from the leaders in your field of interest.

7 – Sporting events: Spain is a country where soccer is almost a religion and studying your career in Madrid will give you the opportunity to prove it. But beyond soccer, the city of Madrid also hosts a wide variety of sporting events.

8 – Entrepreneurship programs: Madrid is an important center of entrepreneurship where you will find a wide range of support and financing programs for young entrepreneurs.

Meeting point between

Spanish and international students

Practice Spanish

the second most spoken language in the world

Excellent location for traveling around

Spain and Europe

Capital of culture and art

Wonderful gastronomy

Soccer matches and sporting events



Great offer of leisure and music

Drive around the city safely

250 days a year

of sun and blue sky

The third largest city in the EU

Unique quality of life

What does CIS University offer its students?

If, in addition to studying in Madrid, you decide to study at CIS University, you will be able to enjoy a series of advantages and additional services: 

  • Mentoring and academic coaching: You will have the support of professionals and academic mentors who will guide you throughout your university career, providing you with personalized guidance and constant support.
  • Student accommodation: You will be able to choose between staying in apartments, living with native families or in our university residences that offer you a safe environment conducive to study, encouraging interaction between students and the creation of lasting friendships.
  • University clubs: You will have the opportunity to participate in university clubs and student organizations, where you can expand your knowledge on different topics of interest, build a network of contacts and enhance your interpersonal skills.
  • 100% international experience: Students who wish to do so can study the first two years of their degree in Madrid and the other two at any American university in the world. In addition, thanks to the Study Abroad program, our Madrid campus has become a true melting pot of different cultures and nationalities.
  • Activities and events: At CIS University we organize activities and events on a regular basis, so you can enjoy your free time and meet other students. From cultural excursions and museum visits to darts tournaments, foosball or paintball battles, there’s always something exciting for you to join in.

That’s why we say that CIS University is more than a university, it’s a big family.

Would you like to be part of it? Take advantage of the opportunities we offer at CIS University to boost your university career in Madrid.