Study Abroad

CIS Study Abroad provides a variety of unique experience based learning programs, allowing students to tailor their academic and cultural experiences to achieve their goals during their time in Spain.

We offer Year, Semester and Summer Programs that include Cultural Activities, Day trips and Excursions in Spain, Sports and Social Services with Spanish students. Internships and Volunteering are also available for credit and include a classroom and practical component.

By connecting formal and informal learning, the CIS program takes advantage of its surroundings to provide a complete cultural immersion leading to the development of personal, intercultural, and language skills. Student support is of utmost importance to the study abroad program and our staff is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to take advantage of the vast cultural offerings of Madrid, make local friends, travel, and integrate into the Spanish culture.

All students are provided with a Week Orientation. The objective is to break down culture barriers, overcome fears concerning language skills and to integrate all students into the international university atmosphere. CIS also provides weekly cultural activities and many excursions so students can take full advantage of all the many, diverse, opportunities Spain provides.

CIS Study Abroad also develops Summer / Interim Seminars, Faculty led Programs in any discipline which is interesting for the home University or College. All classes share the concept of learn while seeing as we include in the syllabus a great deal of visits and excursions let by faculty to experience in situ part of the learning process. For some ideas concerning some programs already developed by CIS, please contact


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