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What skills will I get with a communication degree?

What is not communicated does not exist. That’s why being able to synthesize any kind of information and present it in the most attractive way possible could be the difference between a lackluster career and a successful life.

And if not, look at all the great leaders of history… What would you say they have in common?

Their communication skills, without a doubt.

That’s why, in CIS University’s communication degree, in addition to training your oral, visual or written communication skills, you’ll learn to read people to better connect with them, inspire everyone, and drive your goals through words so that they are shared by all.

Can you think of anything more powerful?     


9 skills you will gain in a Communication Degree at CIS University 

During the communication degree you will develop valuable skills for both your professional future and your personal relationships, as for example:


1 – Research skills

80% of the success of a good communicator lies in the previous documentation. As a communication professional it is possible that, sometimes, you may have to talk about topics that you are not an expert on, so learning how to search for information effectively is key to guarantee a good result.


2- Critical thinking

Once the information has been found, it is necessary to contrast the sources. At this point ,the development of critical thinking comes into play so that you can detect the possible interests and underlying messages that may hide any type of communication.


3 – Analytical skills

In the communication degree you will also learn to analyze the data and metrics that provide you with information about your target audience. The first step for a message to be effective is to know your interlocutor.


4 – Empathy

Communication between people forces you to develop skills such as empathy in order to understand and connect with your audience more easily,and establish assertive and balanced communication between your interests and those of the public you are speaking to 


5 – Social skills

Interpersonal relationships are part of all areas of our lives: work colleagues, family, friends… Learning to relate to them in a pleasant and effective way can mark a before and after in your life at all levels.


communication degree


6 – Writing skills 

According to forecasts by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, thanks to the huge boom in online content, the demand for writers and content editors is expected to increase by an average of 8% in the next few years. It might be a great opportunity to bring out your writing skills, don’t you think? 


7 – Creativity

To entertain, convince, make people laugh or surprise you need to capture the attention of your audience and for this you will need great creative and persuasive skills. Moreover, if you study your degree at CIS University, you will be able to train it in our CIS Creative Society.


8 – Visual Skills

During your communication degree you will also improve your visual skills which will help you present information in a more attractive, appealing and convincing way.


9 – Leadership skills

When you master the art of communication your arguments are more convincing and that inevitably affects your leadership skills. But if you also are part of CIS Debate Club, your levels of persuasion will be greatly increased.


Why to study a Communication Degree at CIS University?

Communication skills are among the most in-demand skills in the labor market, which greatly increases the chances of finding a job after graduation.

Studying a communication degree not only gives you the possibility to apply for jobs related to the sector, such as publicist, public relations, journalist, marketing director or content creator, but also for any position in which communication skills are indispensables, such as team directors or management positions.

In fact, people with the skills learned in a communications degree are hired more easily because they know how to highlight their value as a professional.

And, as if this were not enough, if you study your communication degree at CIS University you will be able to put all these skills into practice in an international environment and learn new languages.


What more could you ask for?

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