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career opportunities for international relations

Unlocking career opportunities for International Relations

If you are a person who sees the world globally, is passionate for learning about other cultures and living new experiences in different parts of the planet, you are probably the perfect candidate to study international relations.

This career will offer you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge and acquire the necessary skills to establish more fruitful relationships with people from all over the world.

But what are International Relations, and which job opportunities do they offer? 

In today’s article, you will find it out.


Embarking on a global career journey for International Relations 

International Relations focus their attention on analyzing and understanding how the world and the relations between countries work. In other words, all issues related to political, economic, and social aspects at international level.

As you can imagine after reading this definition, the job opportunities offered by these types of studies are very diverse. 

In fact, in an International Relations degree, you can find people who want to dedicate their career to the internalization of private companies, who aspire to be part of supranational public bodies (such as the EU, the United Nations, the IMF, or the World Bank), and even who choose this career to fight against the injustices that occur in the world.

So, from the university, you will learn to live with a more global and complete vision of the world. And that’s part of the magic of studying International Relations.

In addition, although it is not often talked about, it is a career with an infinite number of job opportunities.


jobs opportunities for international relations


What are the job opportunities for International Relations?

As we have already mentioned, graduating in International Relations allows access to a wide range of jobs.

Shall we give you some examples?

✅ Sales manager in a private company

✅ International development worker for an NGO

✅ Human rights specialist

✅ Ambassador of a country abroad

✅ Political analyst

✅ Member of the European Union board of directors for inter-country cooperation

✅ International trade and policy consultant

✅ Export Manager in logistics companies

✅ Diplomat

✅ Cooperation and development programs technician

✅ Foundations and political parties advisor

✅ Social Sciences professor

✅ International Project Manager in the public sector

✅ Responsible for communication and international relations

✅ What do you think? Not bad, isn’t it?

✅ But beyond the wide range of career opportunities, there are many more reasons to study International Relations.


7 reasons to study International Relations 

Studying International Relations has many advantages:

1 – It gives you a very broad vision of the international scenario and allows you to know the causes of what is happening around us.

2 – I It enables you to gain insight into the lives of people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

3 – It greatly expands your knowledge of general culture.

4 – It allows you to develop your professional career anywhere in the world.

5 – It implies a great enrichment at a personal level, since it is based on human relationships. 

6 – It is a way to transform today’s society and economy.

7 – It involves an exciting life full of travel, social life and high-level contacts.


And, most importantly, it allows to gain a deeper understanding of new countries. The same as if you decide to study abroad in Spain.

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Can you think of a better way to kick-start your career in the field of International Relations? 

Get in touch with CIS University and embark on a new adventure that could change your life forever.