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Reason to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

If you were wondering for reasons to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing you came to the right place. We’ll clarify your doubts, so keep on reading. 

There are so many reasons why you might want to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing: It is one of the fastest-growing industries, you’ll learn what drives a business, you’ll get to be creative and strategic… and the list could go on!

Marketing is a highly competitive and rewarding field. Businesses across every industry rely on marketing professionals to generate awareness of their brand and increase sales of their products and services. If you’re a strategic and creative problem-solver, then a career in Marketing could be right for you.

Marketing is a diverse career choice

As a marketing student, you’re exposed to a variety of different subject areas and disciplines. Marketers need to understand basic business principles as well as elements of psychology to understand consumer behavior. Marketing undergraduates are able to apply their skills to a variety of different tasks, such as developing advertisements, creating websites, writing content, handling consumer research and/or leading marketing strategy. As a marketing student, you have the opportunity to find the type of marketing career that aligns with your interests and strengths.

10 Reasons Why Every Student Should Take Marketing Courses

  • Marketing Skills Are Essential in the Growing Digital World

Every business is present in digital media. It doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll have to find a way to showcase your brand in the best way possible.

  • Read and Understand Data

Marketing teaches valuable skills in data interpretation. Many companies delight in having candidates who know how to read data.

Marketing experience can lend to knowledge in data interpretation and analytics. This exposure can then be used in any job that relies on customer feedback, data, or metrics to inform success. The ability to read and understand data is integral to making strategic decisions.

  • Marketing Skills Can Assure You a Job

During an interview you’re on yourself. If you mention you’re skilled in marketing and you name a few successful projects that you were part of, you’ll instantly get the hiring manager’s attention. They will see the opportunity: If they hire you, they get someone who knows marketing. This will help you get a job in any industry.

  • You Learn How to Influence People’s Decisions

Ethical marketing is based on telling the truth to convince people to accept your recommendations. This way you can influence their decisions.

  • Direct Marketing Is the Essence of Every Business Communication

Even if you aim to be a lab technician or a doctor, you’ll want to get a job, promotions, and raises throughout your career. During that process, you’ll have to sell yourself and it’s more likely you achieve it if you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

  • Through Marketing Research You Learn about Competitors

Even if you don’t plan to be engaged in direct marketing in the future, you’ll still have to be better than the competitors in any industry that you choose. A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with CIS will cover the aspect of competition research.

  • You Learn to Understand the Other Side

If you plan to start a business, you’ll have to understand your audience. If you become a doctor, you’ll have to know where your patients are coming from. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be involved with other people and you’ll be working for them.

Marketing teaches you how to understand the other side, so you can deliver a service they can benefit from.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Will Polish Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are an essential aspect of marketing. You will learn how to sound smart and look appropriate in different situations.

  • Internationally Balanced

Marketing students can often do exchanges and work abroad during their courses. On average there is more than double the number of marketing students studying abroad than those who undertake engineering and other technology courses. 

Marketing contacts and business connections in one country are most likely going to be useful in another. This is another reason why marketing is a great degree to have.

  • Marketing Is an Integral Part of EVERYTHING

Marketing is not something that only concerns salesmen. Whether you become an electrician, plumber, carpenter, teacher or engineer, you’ll benefit from it. 

Taking the time to study marketing can create a solid foundation for you in the global economy. As marketing is such a vital role in business there will nearly always be openings and opportunities for marketers. 

Marketeers will always be in demand

Marketing students develop critical research, analysis and problem-solving skills that can be applied to careers in sales, advertising, product development and public relations for both companies and agencies.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing ensures that you know how to communicate effectively and think creatively, invaluable skills in today’s job market. In fact, CIS graduates with strong communication and computer skills have the best career prospects and greater opportunities for career advancement

CIS Endicott gives you the chance to study marketing and get your Bachelor’s degree. We use techniques for the application of key marketing frameworks and tools for analyzing customers, competition. Also marketing strengths and weaknesses are examined. Emphasis is placed on methods for the selection of target markets. CIS makes use of strategies that integrate product, price, promotion and place to meet the needs of a target market. 

Prepare yourself to get the job you want in the 21st century

Digital technology is changing the way we interact with our world and includes the way consumers engage with companies and brands. Nowadays successful marketers are both analytic and creative since they use data to understand consumer behavior, develop brand strategy and make informed marketing decisions. It’s important for marketers to understand how to leverage technology to motivate and engage consumers. 

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing along with CIS Endicott, you’ll be studying a profession that is going to stay in demand for as long as the economy exists. So, you can have a consistent and stable use for your knowledge and developed skill for your entire career. Don’t miss the chance! We are just one click away!