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Our Soccer University Program

When students, we all need a break from the classroom and lectures to rejuvenate. For this purpose, the extracurricular activities are the best way to regain the energy and enhance our personality. 

Whether getting involved in student clubs, volunteering activities, sports tournaments, or maybe part-time jobs, all the activities outside the regular classroom help students meet new people and develop their social skills. While academics play a significant role, sports-related activities are also important in shaping someone’s personality and character.

Some of the Sports Benefits

Sports offer amazing benefits to students in terms of health and mental development, it enhances academic performance too and helps them achieve better grades. Besides, students get a sense of entertainment while getting exposed to different sports tournaments.

One of the important advantages of University athletics is that it develops a positive spirit to achieve success while you are playing for your University. This passion and confident spirit help scholars achieve their career goals easily. Through sports they bring laurels to their University and in addition get an opportunity to earn a decent income. 

Among the most important benefits that sports can give you are:

  • It improves academic performance
  • It develops fitness habits
  • It provides mental and emotional benefits
  • It builds specific skills
  • It maintains a positive spirit

Competitors are important

One of the key things that university athletics offers is the enjoyment of playing sport at a competitive level. It’s that simple. You can have more fun playing soccer than doing anything else. It all depends on your personality and perspective. 

Maybe some of you already know that participating in sports in the US is a serious time commitment. At least 2-3 hours training per day plus games. So, while being able to get good grades is a given, being able to get good grades while participating in at least one sport is considered very positively. 

Therefore, being able to get good grades and being a leader in your team (let’s say captain) is considered exceptional.

An even greater bonus you may have is receiving funding towards your instruction through your sport. Tuition is expensive and university athletics offers an avenue to subsidize that expense. There are some situations where students rely on scholarships to be able to afford school. And there is no doubt the exceptional student-athletes deserve this extra support.

CIS Endicott Elite Soccer University program

Among the best universities with soccer programs, CIS Endicott International brings you the opportunity to develop as a professional soccer player along with ELITE SOCCER UNIVERSITY. 

With our university you will have the chance to participate in a high-performance program directed by great coaches from RFEF or UEFA. Furthermore, you will participate in tournaments and competitions.

This high-performance soccer program provides daily training led by coaches certified by the RFEF (Real Federación Española de Fútbol). It includes: 

  • 4 or 5 weekly training sessions
  • Participation in competition with teams in the federated league (Real Federación Madrileña de Fútbol)
  • Advice and management of sports and academic Curriculum for scholarship application in the USA

 Some of the most important objectives of this university soccer program are: offering a high-performance sports experience based on a training model, making university studies in Madrid according to the American educational model and facilitate the conditions for the student to achieve an improvement at the sports level. 

How CIS Endicott soccer program works

The CIS soccer program is aimed at both male and female players. It aims helping the athlete to improve their performance, both individually and collectively. And we achieve all these thanks to a methodology based on specific fundamentals of the game. 

The methodology depends on each position and role on the field, advising the player for the optimization and improvement of their skills.

All along the ball is the main tool to evolve all physical, technical and tactical abilities developing skills such as creativity, intensity, competitiveness or decision making.

With the Spanish training model, you will have personalized sessions which will include a high-performance daily training, a weekly plan with individual and group sessions, participation in competitions and preparation matches, the access to tryouts in several teams, creation of a sports curriculum, management of the file for application for scholarships in North American universities, among others. 

The objectives you’ll see accomplished

If you are wondering what could be the benefits of such a training and being part of a soccer program, here are some of the positive things it brings. 

By the end of the program you will be an improved footballer, it would be easier for you to make decisions, you will develop technical conditions and skills, learn the game systems and last but not least you will have the chance to develop your talent and creativity.

As a complement to the soccer training program in CIS Endicott, you will have the opportunity to attend matches of the Spanish League, get to know the stadium and sports city of teams such as Real Madrid or Atlético de Madrid or visit Spanish First Division team training sessions. Isn’t that exciting?

Do you wanna play?

Education is more than books and tests and papers. And if the role of a formal education is as much social and emotional as it is academic, then athletics must be included as a piece of the educational framework. 

And within the sports one can choose from, the American soccer program seems a great idea. For this purpose, CIS Endicott can be the best companion because the advantages you will have with our program can hardly be defeated. 

Take out that player you carry inside and come spend a great time in the soccer field!