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CIS University Learn more about your teammates Isabel Regalado (Mexico)1

Learn more about your teammates: Isabel Regalado (Mexico)

As we have already mentioned, one of the great advantages of studying a university degree at an American university like CIS University is that it has a highly international and diverse student community.

In this case, the numbers speak for themselves: 40% of our students are international and come from more than 35 different countries on 6 of the 7 continents. Among all of them today we want to introduce you to Isabel Regalado, originally from Mexico, Marketing and Communication student.

Isabel completed her first internship at Freijo Gallery and tells us how her internship was: — “My experience was really good. I learned about contemporary art and the exhibitions that are taking place every time. I especially liked the fact of using Social Networks and learning how to prepare a ‘memory’, which is the compilation of all the activities that take place during the exhibition. To sum it up, I would say that it was very interesting and educational.”

“The first days were very good. I met Angustias Freijo, the owner of the gallery, I also met her right hand, and I had a transition period to familiarize myself with what the internal mechanics of the gallery were like and what my functions would be.”

CIS University Learn more about your teammates Isabel Regalado (Mexico)2

The Internship Department, a springboard towards the employability

For a smooth landing in the internship, Isabel had the experience and support of the Internship Department: —”It was very easy, and the truth is that CIS University helped me a lot in this process, they simply told me about the possibility of working in this Gallery. After getting in touch, I did my interview via Zoom with the Gallery and got the internship. I never would have imagined it but it was super good and I learned a lot.”

Regarding the need to carry out internships, Isabel included: —“I think it is very important. We are at an age where everything that can add experience and increase the value of your resume is welcome. It is about not limiting yourself to having theoretical training but putting it into practice on a day-to-day basis”.

“Being a foreigner, it was very good to do my internship here, to be able to see first-hand what the culture of Spanish people is like at work, their values, what they value, and what they expect in the workplace. I liked learning about that change in culture through working life.”

Regarding the internship access process, Isabel emphasized: — “I wouldn’t change anything about the internship system. It is very easy, they help you a lot from the department to arrange the interviews. At the end of your internship, you have the option of filling out a feedback form, which I see as very positive because it forces you to evaluate and reflect on your experience”.

At this time that Isabel is preparing to do her Senior Year internship at Alsea, the largest operator of restaurants and cafeterias in Spain and Latin America, from CIS University we want to wish her the best of fortunes and that she enjoys as much as she learns.