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Five Benefits of Participating in Athletic Programs at University

If you’ve ever taken a walk to help clear your mind, then it’s no surprise that athletic training programs have numerous benefits for both your health and your future endeavors. If you’re considering the idea of joining an athletic training program while at college, here are five benefits of doing so.


The importance of College Athletic Programs

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of joining an athletic training program at a university. But are those benefits really that important? Can’t you get those benefits from other places? While you technically can, athletic training programs offer unique opportunities to gain multiple benefits from a single activity. Here are five examples of what benefits you can expect to receive from an athletic training program:

  • Friendships – Being on a team means you’ll be interacting with the same people for months, or even years, while you’re at school. While you won’t always make friends with everyone, there is a good chance that a majority of your teammates will become lifelong friends. After all, you’ll already have your sport of choice in common and could end up taking a lot of the same classes together, especially if you are studying for the same degree.
  • Discipline – Many student athletes have to get up to train early in the morning, late into the evenings, and fit their studying in whenever their schedule allows. This means if you want to get good grades while at college, especially since your education should come first, you will need to really focus during the time you have to study. Not having as much free time for studying, means you’ll be more disciplined about your homework and getting everything done that you need to. This discipline can extend into other areas in your life, allowing you to be more productive in the long run.
  • Increased Focus – Participating in sports, especially during stressful times in your life—like going to college—can help you focus when you’re in class and studying. The human mind needs more passive rest, like sleeping, along with more active rest. Athletic programs can offer a more active rest that the mind needs to work on more complex problems. Exercise can also help reduce stress which can be a huge obstacle many university students face.
  • Teamwork – Being on a college athletics team means you’ll be working together for a common goal; winning against the other team. While you won’t always be competing against others, the teamwork experience you gain in an athletic training program can translate to many other areas in your life. This is especially true in the workplace.
  • Increased possibility for interviews – If you mention on your resume that you were in an athletic training program in college, you could garner a lot of attention from companies looking to hire you. As mentioned in the reasons above, job interview candidates who were in athletic programs while at college have many desired qualities as employees. While you can definitely have those same qualities without having participated in sports, it’s a lot easier to demonstrate that on a resume if you’ve been a student athlete.

As Mentioned before, this is just a small list of benefits that demonstrate the importance of college athletic programs. l Let’s look at how you can make all these benefits a part of your future.


How you can combine your education and athletic program at CIS University


Athletic Programs at university

Now that you know the impact participating in sports while in college can have on your future, here’s how CIS University and its athletic programs can help you combine your education and your love of sports:

  •  Providing an athletic coordinator to help you get the most out of the program.
  • You’ll receive a personalized schedule for classes and training so you’ll have time to study and play the sport you love.
  • Your athletic coach will make sure you’re training in the most effective way to help you play even better.
  • Your team placement will build off the strength of you and your teammates so you can play at your best.
  • There’s help with CV/portfolio creation so you can make the most of the benefits you’ll gain from participation in an athletics program.

Not to mention all the other help CIS University offers their students, such as peer tutoring programs, coaching, mentorship programs, support workshops, and many more.

If you’ve been considering the idea of continuing to participate in your favorite sports in college, what are you waiting for? Check out CIS University’s student athlete program to take your first steps on the path to your future.