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CIS University Connecting companies with young talent 1

Connecting companies with young talent

Did you know that the most in-demand jobs today didn’t exist just five years ago? And did you know that the most cutting-edge companies committed to the future are willing to integrate young talent into their workforces but cannot find it? These are some of the reflections that the very young and brilliant Nuria Pérez and Juanma Gómez, Founder and CPO respectively of Next Job, gave us.

Next Job emerged in 2020, during the pandemic, with the ambitious idea of establishing links between the new graduates who leave universities every year, and companies that need to incorporate human talent with fresher and more uninhibited visions that only young people can provide.

With this purpose, and drawing on aspiration, creativity and even a bit of ingenuity, Next Job organized the first Job Fair, aimed at putting young people trained but without work experience in contact with organizations and companies that seek to strengthen their capital human with those younger profiles and who are called upon to be the future.

“At first, we were excited and began to knock on the doors of companies through our Linkedin email,” — recalls Núria with a smile, — “and to our surprise, it exceeded all expectations. Indeed, there was an unmet need on both sides.”

Overcoming the labor gap in the first job

According to Nuria and Juanma, it may seem that accessing the company of your dreams is a “mission impossible,” but it must be considered that companies are willing to integrate young people for all that they can contribute, such as adaptability and flexibility or a more updated vision of a market that changes due to the integration of technology and social networks.

But here the main gap to overcome is communication.

Because, as Nuria comments, “How do you intend to connect with a young audience if you don’t find yourself where the young audience is?”

CIS University Connecting companies with young talent 2

With this purpose, Next Job emerged, not only to bring both positions closer, but also to change the traditional job search model that has begun to become obsolete.

As Juanma comments, “If things are done well, it is no longer a question of a candidate going after the company of their dreams. If things are done well, I insist, it will be the company itself that will go after the candidate.”

If you want to know more about how to improve employability among young people, which profiles are most in demand and what skills you must have to find a job, this is your episode. No need to knock on the door, no need to send us your resume, just drop by, join the conversation and find out what the job of the future will look like.