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CIS University CIS University sponsors the Next Job 2023 Employment Fair 1

CIS University sponsors the Next Job 2023 Employment Fair

Surely we all have seen before. You are finishing your studies; a university degree that has cost you effort, sacrifices and sleepless nights. You see the light at the end of the tunnel. You almost have the diploma in your hands. And then, it is the moment in which many ask themselves, now what? What will be my first steps to find a job? Where should I go? Where to start?

”This is one of the main problems we find in the Spanish education system,” – says Nuria Pérez, co-founder of Next Job and organizer of the Employment Fair, – “there are not enough bridges or links to overcome this gap. We realized that something like this was needed to put companies in contact with university talent.”

With this purpose in mind, from Next Job in collaboration with CIS University, the 2023 Employment Fair emerged. A massive event held on February 9 and 10 in which, for two days, students can access some of the leading companies in the Spanish labor panorama (Telefónica, Ernst & Young, Indra, Naturgy, Airbus, Siemens…). In addition to collecting information about their favorite companies, the participants had the opportunity to attend various conferences on the changing labor market.

Objective: bring companies closer to students

From the beginning, the mission of the Next Job 2023 Job Fair was clear:

“We want people my age to lose their fear of taking their first steps outside of the University. You have to get out of the bubble and overcome uncertainty.” – said Juanma Gómez, Chief Product Officer of Next Job – ”If I could only give one piece of advice to those who are finishing their studies, it would be to go for their dreams and look for the company in which they want to grow.”

CIS University CIS University sponsors the Next Job 2023 Employment Fair 2

Without a doubt, the 2023 Job Fair has been a complete success. Perhaps because of the massive participation and attendance of the public. Perhaps because of the generosity of the companies involved, which opened their recruitment processes to students. Perhaps because of the enthusiasm of all the participants. Or perhaps simply because as Gabriel Ferrer, associate professor of the Department of Communication at CIS University said: – “This Job Fair was very necessary, and had it not existed, someone had to invent it.”

See you again next year.