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liberal studies associate degree

Associate Degree in Liberal Studies. What to expect?

You decided to continue with your studies and you are considering an Associate Degree in liberal studies. But you are wondering what this type of study can bring you. Read on because we will tell you all about it!

Starting a university career can be overwhelming. For many students the list of academic topics offered at Bachelor’s and Associate degree-granting institutions can seem like overkill. For those looking for immediately applicable job skills, the range of degrees can seem beside the point.

What are liberal studies?

Liberal studies gather courses from many disciplines and allow students to configure a degree program that provides an academic backdrop to start the career they want. Often these studies also offer a range of preconfigured specializations. 

These specializations can be based on departments that are particularly well regarded at a college or university, or geared towards local demands for skilled graduates within certain disciplines.

Benefits of a Liberal Studies Degree

As Maryville University pointed, students can explore the many benefits that come with pursuing this type of education. One of these benefits is that they can develop a plethora of skills that prepare them for a variety of work environments.

As liberal studies majors, students learn to analytically approach problems and critically reason through diverse texts. They learn how to use rhetoric and have their own perspectives on issues. Liberal studies students also develop strong written and verbal communication skills by having deep discussions with classmates and completing a wide range of assignments. They cultivate decision-making skills as they conduct research and work on group projects.

Another benefit of a liberal studies degree is the ability to develop and apply creativity. They understand how to approach new topics or issues with innovative ideas and problem-solving skills. While studying in a liberal studies program, students can prepare for leadership roles in the fields of education and business. Liberal studies majors often pursue careers in university life due to their ability to effectively communicate information and teach.

Many programs provide diversified courses that can help individuals establish a strong foundation in a variety of subjects. 

Unlike most majors, which emphasize the mastery of a single discipline, Liberal Studies affirms the intellectual and professional value of learning to think across conventional disciplinary lines. Liberal Studies majors take classes in a variety of subjects, including English, history, philosophy, music, math, and social and natural sciences.

What are liberal associate degree jobs?

Liberal Associate Degree jobs are positions that require or prefer an Associate in Liberal Studies or Sciences, which you can earn at many universities or technical schools. These programs usually require a high school diploma or equivalent.

An associate degree in liberal studies offers a basic foundation of general education courses focusing on: math, natural sciences, social sciences or humanities. 

Having a broad range of knowledge can be a benefit for many job seekers as their experience is not in a single subject. Your associate degree also helps you develop skills that appeal to many employers, including: written and oral communication skills, time management skills, research or critical thinking skills. 

Professional opportunities

According to Southern New Hampshire University, you can look forward to entering a number of careers in business, government, education and healthcare thanks to the transferable skills a liberal arts education provides. Below are some popular majors and career paths you can consider.

  • Communications

With a communications degree you can learn key skills to work in industries such as journalism, public relations, advertising and more. Coursework in public speaking and graphic design helps you come to work prepared to deliver presentations, create publications and reports, and convey messages through digital media.

Some jobs in the communications field include: Public Relations Specialist, Advertising, Promotions or Marketing Manager or Graphic Designer. 

  • English

English Majors who specialize in English language and literature take courses in history, social science and literary theory and are prepared for jobs as writers, historians or museum curators. With a concentration in creative writing or journalism, you can focus on storytelling in nonfiction, news, fiction, screenwriting or poetry. This major also prepares you for jobs in journalism, public relations, film, theater and advertising, to name a few. 

  • Psychology

The study of the human mind, a psychology degree focuses on human behavior and how to apply concepts to social and organizational issues that affect us globally. You can look forward to roles in human resources, market research and social services. Some jobs in the field include: 

-Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder and Mental Health Counselor

-Market Research Analyst

-Human Resources Specialist

  • History

Understanding the past is key to helping organizations interpret significant historical events and prepare for the future. Drawing upon your strong research and analytical skills, you can work as a curator, historical interpreter or policy advisor with a history degree. Although history majors also often work in politics, they also are qualified to work in other roles in business, journalism, law or education. A history degree can prepare you for law school, as well. Some jobs in the history field include: Historian, Archivist, Curator or Museum Worker. 

  • Sociology

Focused on social behavior and how people behave in groups, sociology coursework includes history, religion, geography and social science research, to name a few. In this field, you gain an understanding of society’s historical, economic and political issues and how people can work together to solve problems. Roles open to sociology majors include jobs in social services, criminal justice or public health. Some jobs in the field include: Social and Community Service Managers or Health Educators and Community Health Workers. 

Graduate in Liberal Studies with CIS University

Through their coursework with us, students gain important content knowledge and have the opportunity to master the “soft skills” of writing, collaboration, critical thinking and quantitative analysis—competencies highly looked for by employers. 

Liberal Studies is a program consisting of courses in the areas of business and humanities. The program offers students general requirements, as well as elective courses that coincide with students’ interests, which students themselves can choose. 

Your education is the way to new job opportunities in the future. You decide how to take advantage of them. But now you know that there are options that allow you to combine your passion with career. Don’t miss the chance!