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4 reasons why you should study in an American university in Madrid

Nowadays, our interconnected world allows us to globalize jobs, tasks and even learning models. This is the case with CIS Spain, our American university in Madrid, where the most flexible line of study from the American system is applied.

The American university education system is divided into three different fields — Communication, Business & Liberal Studies — which you can choose to study in the Spanish capital, Madrid, over the first two years and finish your Bachelor’s degree at Endicott College (Boston, US) or at other American or European universities that follow the same program. Or you can always go for the second option which is to study the whole degree (4 years) in CIS Spain.

Additionally, if you’re still wondering why you should choose to study at the American university of Madrid, we at CIS have a lot to tell you about. Here are four key points that will convince you to come study with us!

  • The Spanish context combined with English and Spanish language learning

For Spanish students, studying at an American university in Madrid allows them to join the American system (more flexible curriculum, double major, higher class interactivity) while improving their English proficiency.

On the other hand, American or foreign students can get to know the Spanish language and culture and, at the same time, continue studying at an American university outside the United States.  


  • When the American or foreign student wants to return to the U.S. it will be much easier to transfer credits without wasting any time
  • Certainly, the student will be familiar with the American program, so he or she will be able to continue studying through an academic system already known to them.
  • Classes will be in English. While students can get to know the Spanish language and culture off-campus, at the university they will find a context more suited to their needs
  • The student continues to enjoy the flexibility of the American university in Madrid

Students from an American university have greater flexibility regarding his or her schedule thanks to the possibility of designing its own study program based on their own interests and concerns. At CIS Spain, many of the subjects are offered in different time slots and on different days of the week, which facilitates future decision-making and the ability to combine academic and personal life.

  • Higher participation and smaller groups

As you probably know, the model followed by American universities tries to promote the development of critical thinking in students. In other words, each student will develop, question and integrate his or her own discourse on the ideas and knowledge learned in class.

In order to accomplish this, the ratio of debates, class participation and public presentations at American universities is much higher than in European centers. Yet another great advantage of studying at an American university in Madrid!

  • American universities facilitate decision-making

The virtues of the American model include the possibility of taking first the optional (elective) and common compulsory subjects, known as the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Thus, the student can begin his or her university studies without the need to decide which study plan will follow during the first year or year and a half.

The great advantage of the American university is that it allows the student to continue advancing in his or her academic career without making a decision that usually generates doubts and even blockages in many people, while taking advantage of the university’s contact and mentoring without fear of making a wrong decision. 

Likewise, in the case that we realize that the choice of itinerary is not the most convenient for our professional future, it will also be easier for us to change careers, since American universities have a large number of common subjects (those known as The Basics or GenEds), which makes it easier to consider a double major.

At CIS Spain we believe that these are some of the main advantages of studying your career at our American university in Madrid, as you can choose to study in very distinct areas with the aim of completing and complementing your education.

As you can see, studying at an American university in Madrid has many advantages, whether you are a Spanish student who wants to take advantage of the American university system, or an American or foreign student who wants to live in Spain for a while and continue learning through the American education system. What are you waiting for? Find out more about all the advantages of studying at an American university and put your trust in CIS Spain!