Work Scholarship

At CIS University, we want to bet on your future. We are aware that the context of each student is different, and that is why we have been facilitating access to our institution for many years through our scholarships, helping families and providing opportunities.

This scholarship is intended for undergraduate students who want to collaborate with the different departments of the University. It is a great opportunity to combine your university studies with your first steps in the work world. What better than to know how your University works from the inside out? We will assign you a number of weekly work hours and a department to collaborate with.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be a CIS University student or have completed the admission process and been admitted.

Let us help you receive an accredited and international academic training. Know all the requirements to apply for the work scholarship.

Scholarship Fund 2021-2022:


Minimum GPA


(or equivalent)


Full-time Students

Maximum import


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