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The Department of Student Development (DSD) at CIS University is committed to helping students empower themselves through a focus on developing the skills necessary to become more successful and achieve their goals. 

We strive to build on the essential essence of CIS University  that includes providing a uniquely personal learning experience for each student. Overall, DSD’s mission is to promote and work towards whole student development and enhance student success.

EN.DSD .Department of Student Development

The 3 categories and goals of DSD that contribute to the overall essence of CIS University are the following:

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Establish a well-rounded educational foundation for students by emphasizing the teaching and learning of social and emotional skills.

  • Student Support and Guidance

    Help individual students faced with learning challenges and/or other college success related issues by providing specialized assistance and oversight.

  • Faculty Collaboration

    Promote cross-cutting interaction among professors to increase student success across the curriculum.