Mentorship Program

What is Mentorship at CIS?

  • A program designed to help freshmen and study abroad students become more acclimated to CIS and life in Madrid.
  • It is a way to support to the international student experience at CIS
  • Although it is not an academic mentorship, mentors can give appropriate guidance and feedback on academic issues.
  • Some goals of the mentorship include contribution to the recipient academic development by sharing skills that are useful and supporting the recipient’s experience even beyond the classroom.
  • A mentor is not a tutor, advisor, counselor or teacher, rather a peer who often becomes a recently arrived student’s first friend at their new home away from home.

We expect from both mentor and recipient of mentoring:

  • Listening to one another and asking relevant and thoughtful questions pertinent to individual needs
  • Maintaining a learning posture in all interactions

We have selected our Dean’s List students to participate in the program, and we are sure that the program will help enrich student’s overall experience at CIS.