Cruzada por los niños NGO

Cruzada por los Niños (founded in 1995) is a non-profit organization based in Madrid with the primary mission of helping, protecting, and educating children and young people all over the world, without distinction; the fight for women’s rights; the promotion of leadership development among new generations; and the search for solutions to the major problems and challenges of society.

Since January 2007, Cruzada por los Niños has had “Public Utility Association” status in Spain.

Projects and activities have been developed both in Spain and in other areas of the world such as: the Balkans, Kenya, India, Colombia, Iraq and Mozambique.

Currently, Cruzada por los Niños, in collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation and the Greg Carr Foundation, is carrying out a social-sports school project in the Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, along with an educational project for girls in twenty villages surrounding the park.

Through this program, the intrinsic value of women is vigorously promoted, offering support to them and their families in order to avoid early school dropout. Our beneficiaries receive educational support, workshops on health and disease prevention, environmental activities, and weekly social and sports training using the methodology of the Real Madrid Foundation.

In March 2022, Cruzada por los niños brought 5 Ukrainian refugee families to Spain, a total of 21 people, most of them children, within the Reception and Integration of Ukrainian Refugees Program. They are being given support, accommodation, schooling for the children, legal and health documentation, Spanish classes for parents and help in finding employment.

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