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CIS University Maria Diaz de la Cebosa talks with Diego Hidalgo about the dangers of technology 1

María Díaz de la Cebosa talks with Diego Hidalgo about the dangers of technology

Just landed from Rabat, we were fortunate to have our friend Diego Hidalgo in the recording room “Conversations for a Better World”: entrepreneur, investor, teacher and writer.

Together with María Día de la Cebosa, Diego gave us an x-ray about his origins as an entrepreneur, his humanist training, and the multilingual and multinational educational experience that has allowed him to forge a flexible, curious character and always willing to embrace change.

A particularly relevant section of the meeting was the presentation and analysis of his book Anesthetized: Humanity under the Empire of Technology, where the author reflects on a question that is beginning to take shape in our society:

  • “Is the current technological environment helping us to be happier, or is it making it increasingly difficult for us?”

This question serves as the starting point for a multitude of derivatives that will emerge little by little: “Is technology a tool for freedom and autonomy, or are we letting it become an invasive element?” And, “Are we in danger of becoming the alienated societies prophesied by dystopian sci-fi movies?”

Faced with this concern, Diego offers various diagnoses, always starting from awareness, – “there is a problem and it can become entrenched if we do not address it” -, and technological education as a tool to gain spaces of freedom and not to lose them:

  • “In the field of education, in general terms, it is not about being against technology and going back to a pre-technological era; it is rather to regain control over digital technology, so that it can once again be a useful tool.”

So, now you know, put your audio device to good use, adjust the volume and let the CIS University Podcast guide you in the responsible use of technology.