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CIS University CIS University Book Club enjoys another successful chapter

CIS University Book Club enjoys another successful chapter

In the recently concluded semester, CIS University turned another page in the enriching history of the Book Club

As has become standard, every Wednesday afternoon, the students in the Club and our literature professor, Stewart Merritt, have gathered around a table to read and discuss a wide range of authors and genres. 

According to the Club leader, Professor Merritt:

“From the first day, the students showed great enthusiasm discussing the elements of literature, studying the characters and their motivations, and above all, comparing and contrasting the literary themes with their own lives. As in previous semesters, it was a fun and enriching experience for all.”

Madrid, one of the finest literary settings in the world

Most weeks, the Club met at a local cafe, but occasionally the group would go on excursions around the city to explore and delve into the literary roots of a setting like Madrid, which has inspired so many authors. 

Some highlights included a walking tour of the historic literary district known as the Barrio de las Letras, and visiting cafes and bookstores once frequented by famous writers. 

The students, all of whom were international, showed great interest in learning about the history and culture of their host city. On one occasion, the group read stories written by Ernest Hemingway set in Madrid during the Civil War, and later visited the historic Bar Chicote where the stories were set.

As Professor Merritt pointed out:

“At the Club, we don’t just read and discuss literary classics. History itself comes alive through these excursions into the settings we have read about!”

The Book Club is an excellent representation of the enthusiasm students have for deepening their learning experience outside of class and making the most of their time at CIS University. By all accounts, the readers deserve all the credit for voluntarily coming together each week to discuss literature despite their busy study and sports schedules. 

That this type of extracurricular activity is so successful each year is a testament not only to the enthusiasm of the students, but also to the commitment of CIS University to support such life-enriching experiences for the students.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation and special thanks to the Book Club Student President, Jackson Townsend, for his leadership and guidance. Other students who were particularly active were: Sofia Sharova, Daniel Almarante, Nico Isbell, Katia Panferova, Zachary Zemmels…

Their names have already been written in gold in the history of our University.