The objectives of the mentoring/tutoring programs are:

  • Give individual attention to each university student by the faculty or support staff.
  • Guide the student on their journey through the university.
  • Help the Dean of Students by providing more information about the students.
  • Maintain specific reports on the general progress of the student in each academic course.
  • Support and guide the student regarding university issues.

The mentoring/tutoring system includes:

  • In-depth knowledge of the student by the CIS University faculty.
  • Important information about the student in order for the personal tutor to assist.
  • Informative information for the parents / legal guardians of the student about their evolution at CIS University.
A group of teachers coordinated by the Academic Director is personally responsible for each student. The student can comment on both academic as well as personal topics that may be affecting their studies. This sincere and open communication with the tutor undoubtedly relates to an improvement for the quality of their studies.

The structure of the mentoring/tutoring system:

The Dean of Students assigns each tutor the students to work with each semester. The tutors have their students in at least one of the subjects they teach.

Progress Report:

To ensure good monitoring and comply with the requirements of the System of Quality Control of CIS University, at the end of the semester the tutors present a report on each of their tutored students. These reports are delivered to the Dean of Students before the last semester meeting of the semester.

The role of an academic tutor is:

  • Hold regular meetings with their tutored students; must have at least one before and one after the middle of the semester.
  • To be someone that students can trust and who they know they can go to in case of need.
  • Keep a record of all meetings.
  • Help the student to plan their studies, better organize their time and talk to their teachers.
  • Develop strategies for improvement and provide support.