Associate Degree: Liberal Studies

Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies

Acquire general knowledge about art, humanities and social studies and discover the strong connections between politics, culture, and history. This multidisciplinary program will teach you to examine the fundamental world issues from a critical perspective.

Our Associate degree program will allow you to easily transition to the Bachelor’s degree through the 2+2 program, and complete the specialization that you are most interested in at our Madrid campus, at Endicott College, or at any American university in the world.

The compulsory internship hours of the second year are part of a comprehensive curriculum. Through experience in the company, you will obtain the necessary professional background and know what you want to specialize in.

What specializations can you do with this Associate Degree?

  • International relations
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Languages ​​and literature
  • Political Sciences
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences

Two-year program

Madrid Campus

120 internship hours

Official Associate Degree

100% in English

International experience

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