Elite Soccer University



This program offers students the opportunity to attend college in Spain at one of the best-known colleges in the US (CIS-Endicott International), while playing soccer on a professional level.  The Elite Soccer University Program is a joint endeavor that brings together higher education and high-performance soccer training.  The Elite Soccer University Program is designed for students from around the world who wish to pursue their studies at a reputable American college, while simultaneously participating in high-performance soccer training that is focused on the overall academic and professional athletic improvement of the student.  The program runs for two periods from October to May of each academic year.  Both enthusiastic male and female students are encouraged to participate in our program to develop their soccer ability while studying.  Upon completion of the Elite Soccer University Program, the student will have taken part in a high-performance soccer training program while honing his or her athletic abilities through participation in our unique program.  Students will have acquired new aptitudes and knowledge that will permit them to progress developmentally toward competing full-time on a professional level.  The student will receive a certificate in recognition of his or her participation in the program during the first two years of college prior to potentially transferring to any American college or university in the world to complete the final two years of his or her undergraduate degree, or continue at CIS-Endicott international in Madrid if they are majoring in Business Management.


University Program


Participating students study for a Associate Degree (official undergraduate degree in the US) in either Business, Communication, or Liberal Studies.


Upon completion of their first two years in Madrid, students can:


  • Finish their studies at Endicott College in Massachusetts, or at any other American university or college in the world to obtain their four-year Bachelor’s Degree in the area of their choosing (Sports Management, International Relations, Marketing/Communication, Liberal Studies, etc)
  • Finish their four-year Bachelor’s Degree at CIS-Endicott Madrid majoring in Bussiness Management.



Soccer Program


Participating students will receive high-performance soccer training led by coaches with official Royal Spanish Football Federation (or UEFA) qualifications, at one of the best sports facilities in Madrid.


The program will feature:


  • High-performance training sessions.
  • Participation in competitions and tournaments with professional leagues in Madrid.
  • Advice and management of sports and academic curriculum to facilitate the application process for sports scholarships in the US.






Elite Soccer University Program mission and objectives:


  • To offer a high-level sports experience based on the Spanish training model.
  • To provide training and elite competition in order to raise players’ standards and highlight talent, depending on individual skill level, to be able to demonstrate ability  to professional soccer clubs, and/or university-level soccer programs in the US.
  • To offer the possibility of earning an American Associate’s Degree in Madrid.
  • To facilitate a path that will allow student athletes to improve their skills, which allows them to continue their university studies with the help of a scholarship to a college or university in the US.
  • To provide a foundation and structure for student athletes that will enable them to develop their ability, and build a standout sports CV.



What is included?



  • Undergraduate studies in Business, Communication, or Liberal Studies.



  • High-performance training.
  • Participation in tournaments and competitions.
  • Continuous evaluation and follow-up monitoring.
  • Access to tryouts with the best Spanish teams.
  • Scouting support after graduation (letters of recommendation, resume, participation certificates, etc.).
  • Transcript processing and guidance in applying scholarships at any American college or university in the world.