CIS - A window on the International labor market CIS - A window on the International labor market
The best way to learn cannot be limited to what is explored and discussed within a classroom.  Students need to put concepts into practice to fully comprehend them — which is precisely why we have a strong Internship Department — and why we actively place students in national and multinational companies here in Madrid, and elsewhere should they so choose.

For more than 15 years, CIS has maintained agreements with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in Spain, and around the world.

The importance of internships is yet another one of the fundamental principles of an American higher education that we work to emulate at CIS.  During full degree-seeking students’ first year with us, internships are not mandatory, but are offered to any student who is interested.  During the second year, internships are part of the academic program, and students will receive credit for them in addition to invaluable international work experience.  Likewise, our internships are available to all of our study abroad students, regardless of whether they are with us for just a semester, or even longer.

The day to day activity of a CIS student's Internship

Why internships enrich us and help lead us toward our future.

What do companies think of CIS interns?

A former CIS student

Will I find a job once I graduate from college?

That is one of the questions on the mind of many of our students before starting out at CIS.

We are proud of the answer.  CIS graduates have a 100% employability rate to date.  Seriously.

Why should we limit ourselves to only helping out current students?  The CIS Internship Department also frequently helps out our alumni with their job searches using our vast network of companies and businesses.


Javier Vega de Seoane and Alberto Anchústegui (Former CIS students)


Álvaro Jiménez (Former CIS student)


Johny Novella (Former CIS student)