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Why Mentoring system for students at College leads to success

Nowadays, it is very common to hire mentoring services for companies or businesses, but what if we started that accompaniment during the university stage with a mentoring system for students?

Having a mentoring system for students is one more tool for the personal and academic development of students in our American degree programs

Because, although at CIS University we already have a student support program that involves coaches and professors, incorporating a new agent that can become a reference through the mentoring system is very useful to balance the academic, cultural and personal development differences among our students.

Would you like to know why? In this post we tell you all about it.


What is a Mentoring system for students?

A mentoring system consists of establishing a trusting relationship between a mentor, who is usually an experienced person who has achieved extraordinary results, and a mentee who meet on a regular basis to share their concerns and worries at a personal, academic or work level.

Mentoring sessions are usually conducted in one-on-one meetings in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, but they are actually part of a system designed by our Department of Student Development.

In these sessions, the mentor shares his experiences and learnings with the mentee for guidance and inspiration.


mentoring system


What is the Purpose and benefits of a Mentoring System for students?

We must keep in mind that the university stage is a stage full of changes. New responsibilities, first experiences in the working world, changes of city… All this causes that, often, students are unable to achieve their goals despite having the support of other adults, such as parents or teachers.

However, if we incorporate an intermediate figure with whom they can identify in the role of mentor, such as our most outstanding students, we will be creating a much closer and more accessible reference for our students. 

So this is the main purpose of our mentoring system: to motivate and accompany our students during their university stage.

But that’s not all… Thanks to the student mentoring systems:


  • Students feel more understood and reduce their frustrations.
  • It is easier to identify the origin of each problem and improve students’ academic performance.
  • Relationships based on honesty and trust are enhanced.
  • Students discover new realities (different from their own) and begin to build their own goals.
  • Dropout rates are minimized.
  • Values such as respect, empathy and teamwork are fostered.


How the mentoring system for students works in CIS University

At CIS University we believe that personal and academic development go hand in hand and that is why we have created a Student Support Program through which we aim to strengthen the social, emotional and cognitive skills of our students so that they are able to successfully cope with any situation.

Within this program there is a mentoring system for students through which we match students from our Dean’s List who have volunteered offered themselves with exchange students or students who are having difficulties in adapting to university life.

As mentioned above, the mentors, in addition to meeting and advising their mentees, report back to the Student Development Department on their progress so that they are aware of their situation all the time.

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