CIS University UES 2022 International Congress of CIS University 1

UES 2022: International Congress of CIS University

In the academic field, it has been demonstrated that the generation and transmission of knowledge is accelerated and fixed through the exchange of experiences and personal interactions. For this reason, it is common for universities to hold symposia to share and update the latest research and published discoveries.

With this purpose, and under the title “New Studies in Education, Art and Business for a Diverse Society”, at CIS University we celebrate the UES 2022 International Conference, the third meeting of this type held since 2019, and the return to face-to-face normality, after the pause caused by the pandemic.

During an entire morning, nearly 30 communications on very diverse topics were presented, divided into panels and thematic groups, including online contributions from participants in Canada, Mexico and England.

The day began with some words of welcome from our Academic Dean, Dr. Francisco Ubierna, followed by a presentation by Dr. Lorena Herrera entitled “Metaverse, Realities and Challenges”, in which the current situation and future prospects were explained regarding this new digital ecosystem.


CIS University UES 2022 International Congress of CIS University 2

Next, the speakers were distributed by panels and working groups for the presentation and dissertation of their respective articles and publications (papers). In addition, from the CIS University cloister, we once again had the presence of professors and researchers from various universities, including alumni from our own house.

We can conclude that the event was a complete success, both in terms of organization and participation, with the analysis and exchange of multiple ideas and experiences that will help to further enrich and strengthen the training and links between teachers, preparing them for the challenges that will come the new educational models of the future.

Many thanks to all the organizers, researchers and participants for making UES 2022 a real success! We are waiting for you at the next appointment: UES 2024!