CIS University The Real Madrid Foundation stars in the return of our podcast

The Real Madrid Foundation stars in the return of our podcast

We’re back! After a much-deserved academic vacation and temporarily putting the microphones on hold, we entered (with renewed energy) the studio to inaugurate the second season of “Conversations for a Better World” in style.

To do this, we‘re launching an episode with a goal from the entire squad, —and never better said—, thanks to our guest today, Julio González Ronco, Managing Director of the Real Madrid Foundation.

Together with María Díaz de la Cebosa, Julio will talk about the 4 pillars that guide the foundation’s social work: education, health, sports and the environment. We will discuss these principles applied daily, and the need to take a break from time to time to rethink our goals and our current situation:

“I think what they have to do is ask themselves, what do they want to do? why do they want to do it? who do they want to do it for? And what do you want your life to be?

In addition to educating in values, the Managing Director of Real Madrid pointed out the importance of feeling part of a team that transcends individualism. In other words, being part of a collective effort, something bigger than oneself, and that allows one to leave a mark while feeling proud of one’s work every day.

Turn up the volume and adjust your headphones; we begin this second season of “Conversations for a Better World” getting to know a little better the person behind this great Foundation, known within the white club as “the Soul of Real Madrid”.

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