Madrid Libraries

Madrid has a wide range of libraries, most of which are open to the public.

We provide students with a list of libraries that may be of interest to them. The list includes the names of the libraries and links to their Web pages, where they can find complete information on them, norms and on-line access.

When visiting these libraries, it is important to have the CIS Student ID Card as well as official identification (passport, residence card, etc.).

In public libraries, except for the National Library, most books are in Spanish. However, specialized libraries, such as those at universities, government agencies or museums, have many books in other languages. Some libraries may request a reference letter to have access. Such a letter can be provided by the CIS Librarian.

Our list of libraries is classified as follows:

  • Spanish National Library
  • Libraries of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC)

CSIC Libraries are public libraries with restricted access. They are meant for research and have specialized collections. They are usually located at the CSIC research facilities, providing service to both internal and external users. The library card to access these libraries is issued by any library upon request. It is free and identifies and allows the user to use these facilities. More information can be found on the CSIC Libraries Directory.

  • Specialized Libraries
  • Museum Libraries: Museum Libraries System BIMUS:
  • Public Libraries: Local and belonging to the Community of Madrid

Other: universities, government agencies and public institutions. More information on these can be found in the directory at the CIS Library.