General Information

CIS – The College for International Studies campus library has a complete collection of reference books, newspapers, magazines and data bases. This library collection consists of some 10,000 volumes classified by subject matter according to the system established by the US Library of Congress, the LCC (Library of Congress Classification).

The main subject matters within the library are focused on satisfying the demands of the Business and Communication programs: Linguistics, History, Art, Economics, Communications, Mathematics, Accounting….. The new acquisitions are mostly oriented to increase resources on these subject matters.

Our students and faculty may consult several on-line data bases for magazines & newspapers, and the more than 120,000 volumes of the Halle Library at Endicott College through our computer system, as well as using several scientific search engines.

Your best friend at the library is the new OPAC CATALOG (On-line Public Access Catalog), an automatic CIS catalog that will help you search by author, title or subject matter for all the resources in the CIS collection. In all cases, it is possible to ask for help from the library personnel, whether to look for books on the shelves or doing a catalog search.


C/ Velázquez, 140

28006 Madrid, Spain


Telephone: +34 915 636 740

Fax: 915 612 510



Office Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 19:00 hours.

Closed on: August, Christmas Season, Easter and National & Local Holidays.

Types of Library Materials

  • Biographies
  • Fiction
  • Encyclopedias, Dictionaries
  • Reference
  • Books – General Collection
  • Periodic  publications
  • DVD’s and CD’s

Recent Acquisitions

  • General Collection
  • DVD’s

Library Facilities & Services

Library Facilities & Services

  • Study Room
  • Consulting Room
  • Computers and Printers
  • WIFI Zone
  • Photocopying

Loan Services and Policies

Loans are strictly personal. Only the holder of a library card can take out materials upon presentation of said card.

All materials can be taken home as a loan except for consultation and reference works (these are marked with a yellow dot sticker on the spine) and all periodicals (newspapers, magazines). This material may be photocopied taking into account the restrictions and limitations established by the Spanish Intellectual Property and Copyright Law of April 12 1/1996.

The loan period for all materials (books, videos, CD’s, etc.) taken out on loan may be renewed in person, by e-mail or by phone according to the following loan services table:

Loan Services

Material Type Time ITEMS
Books 2 Weeks 3 Books Max
Audiovisual Material (DVDs, CDs, etc… 1 Week 2 Items Max

Items Excluded from the Loan Policy

Reference Works To be used only in site
Magazines To be used only in site
Text Books To be used only in site
Large Format Art Books and Atlases To be used only in site

Weekend loans: two additional books, to the three normally allowed, may be taken out. The loan of these two extra books will take place on Fridays and must be returned on the following Monday or on the next day of class if that Monday were a holiday.

All items must be returned at the library’s loans return desk.

Book Reservation and Renewals

Book loans are always renewable, except when they have been reserved previously by other users.

The loan may be renewed in person, by phone or by e-mail the day the loan expires, during office hours. All items that have been reserved must be returned the day the loan expires. If items are returned after the loan expiration date, the loan will not be renewed.

Loans may be renewed up to three times, provided the items have not been previously reserved by other users.

Reservations: A user who may want to take out a book that is already out on loan may request a reservation for the time said book is returned. The loan period will begin the moment the user is notified that the reserved book is available. If the book is not withdrawn within 24 hours of said notification, the reservation will be lost.

Fines and Fees

Users who do not return the material on loan within the established loan period will be subject to the following penalties:

Delays: Those users who are late in returning the books may be penalized by blocking the use of their library cards for one full day for each day they are late in returning a book.

  1. One week delay: Library card will be suspended for the equivalent of the number of days the delay lasts; student will receive a notification.
  2. Two week delay: Library card will be suspended for the equivalent of the number of days the delay lasts plus an additional two (2) weeks.
  3. More than two weeks delay: Library card will be suspended for the equivalent of the number of days the delay lasts plus an additional three (3) weeks. The cost of the unreturned material will be charged to the student. (Parents will be notified and will receive a bill).

Replacements: The user will be responsible for the materials on loan and will have the obligation to replace such material in case of loss or damage, or reimburse the Library for the replacement cost. User must notify the Library immediately of such loss or damage and proceed to its replacement within the two (2) weeks following the end of the original loan period.

Care of Material

All items in the Library are for the common use of library members, all of whom have the right to find them in good condition. Therefore:

  • Items must not be underlined, marked nor in any other way mutilated or damaged. Mutilation and the attempt to steal any item will be severely sanctioned.
  • Drinking, eating and smoking are forbidden in the Library premises.
  • Installing computer programs in the Library equipment and/or using the equipment to access chats online is strictly forbidden.


A self-service photocopying machine is available. Users may make photocopies of Library documents that are not subject to loans only for research purposes. In order to use the machine users must obtain a “digital photocopying card” which is available in four formats: 1) 20 copies/2€; 2) 50 copies/4€; 3) 100 copies/6€; 4) one copy/0.06€ per copy.

This service is available Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 6:00 pm.

In accordance with Spanish Copyright Law (LPI, 21/2014, November 4) only a maximum of 10% of any given document may be photocopied.

Libraries in Madrid

Spanish public and private university libraries are generally open to all students. Some libraries require some documentation and establish their own user rules in order to access their facilities and collections. Following is a list of some libraries that may be of interest to our students as regards their areas of study.