Terms and Conditions


  • CIS will arrange housing (host family, apartments or residences) for students which request it.
  • The request should be made at least 1 month before the student´s arrival.
  • The CIS staff will meet the students upon their arrival during the following hours:
    • From Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 16:00 hours (it does not include airport pickup)
  • The students should confirm their arrival date and time.
  • CIS is not responsible if the students arrive outside of the hours indicated.
  • Housing payment will be made in full before the start of each academic semester (Fall – September from 1st to 5th; Spring – January from 1st to 5th; Summer – May from 1 to 5).
  • Any additional fee or deposit will also be paid in full ahead of time.
  • Housing will not be arranged for any student which does not comply with the payment policy.
  • The students will be expected to comply with the norms of each housing situation.  If the student is expelled from their housing due to inappropriate behavior, CIS will not be responsible for finding alternative housing.
  • The student and their family will be responsible to pay for any damages caused to the property.

Housing in Homestays:

  • The students should comply with the rules established by each family.
  • The students will be given an adaptation period of 10 days during which they may request a change of family if necessary.

Housing in Residence:

  • The students should comply by the rules of each residence hall.
  • CIS will charge 100 € for the organization of the housing.
  • The monthly payments will be made directly by the student to the residence.

Housing in Apartments:

  • The students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior, avoiding any activity which may bother their roommates or other people living in the building.
  • The apartments and their furniture should not be damaged in any way.
  • The student should return the keys of the apartment to the person in CIS responsible for housing and remove all of their belongings by the last day of their rental period.
  • The apartments will be charged monthly even if the student´s stay is less than that period.  When the owners of the apartment request a deposit, it will be made by the student to CIS and will be returned at the end of their stay, barring any damages.
  • CIS will charge an administrative fee equivalent to one month (for 1 year) and a half of month (for a semester). This amount will be paid ahead of time in full with the payment for the apartment. If a change in apartment is requested, CIS will charge an administrative fee of a half of a month of the cost of the new apartment. The changes will be made at the beginning of a semester.