CIS has a Housing Department to provide our Spanish and International students with the housing option that best suits their needs. For CIS it is very important that our students be comfortable. The Housing Department will provide all the support that you need to help you make the right choice and make the adjustments to your new lodgings.

Upon their arrival, the CIS Staff will take care of those students who have contracted the housing service. Students just need to previously confirm the date and time of their arrival.

The Housing Department will also help guide the students during their first days of their stay in Madrid. In addition, they will help you with any contingency that may arise during your stay with us.

Housing Department Business Hours

Monday to Friday (9:00 to 14:00)

During the month of August, the Department will be closed.

Outside the indicated hours, please call +34 915 636 740 (until 17:00)

Host family:

Allows the student to make a complete immersion in the Spanish language and culture; this is a recommended option for foreign students.

CIS Works with families that have a long (some of them more than 20 years) experience. They all meet the requisites demanded by CIS to house students in their homes, as well as the rules for commitment, care and hygiene.

The family homes are all located within a 30-minute ride from CIS by public transport. In some cases, students may be within walking distance of CIS.

Host Family housing includes the following services:

  • Individual rooms.
  • Bed linens and towels.
  • Laundry (twice a week).
  • Room cleanup.
  • Full Board meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Picnic lunch when students go on day trips.
  • Internet connection.

Families will help the students, during their adaptation period, by providing the resources to improve the language through their daily life together and giving advice and assistance on activities to carry out while in Madrid.

Upon your arrival a member of the family will come to CIS to pick you up and take you home. They will also, if necessary, accompany you on the first day of class so you learn how to get to CIS on public transport.

Students are free to go in and out of the house at any time (if they are adults) and will have their own keys.

Each family has its own rules to maintain a pleasant and tranquil environment. Students must comply with these rules, especially by not making noise or engaging in activities that may disrupt the family life.


This is a good option for those students who want to share experiences with other local and international students living in a university environment.

Madrid offers a large number of student residencies. The Housing Department will help the student find the one that best suits his/her needs, considering location, hours, services and price.

In the residencies you may live in single or double rooms. Most offer meal plans or the possibility for cooking your own meals in common kitchens. Some also have swimming pools and/or gyms.

All the residencies that we work with are located in good areas of the city and some of them are walking distance from CIS.


For those students who prefer living in a shared apartment or by themselves, this is a good option.

The CIS Housing Department will provide you with the necessary help (location, transport, prices, etc.) so you may find the option that best meets your expectations.

Deadlines for Housing Requests:

Madrid has a large housing offer for students, but places may be limited.

To best guarantee your housing, you must send your Housing Application Forms by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: Before May 31.
  • Spring Semester: Before October 31.

We will always process your requests, but we cannot guarantee your lodging if the Application Form is received past the established deadlines.


For any housing information you may need please contact: housing@cis-spain


I have filled out and submitted the Housing application Form. Do I need to do anything else?

No. Your application will be processed in due time and you will be informed by e-mail.

I have not yet received an answer to my Housing application. Is there something wrong?

Housing Application Forms are processed as they come in. There is a certain amount of time needed to assign a place or reserve a room. You will be informed by e-mail. Please be on the lookout and follow any instructions given.

Why wasn’t I assigned to the same house as my friends?

Host Families usually take in one or two students. It is very difficult to assign more than two students to the same house. In the case of residences, the possibility of having several students in the same one depends on the rooms available.

What does “half” and “full” board mean?

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Half board includes breakfast and one more meal (lunch or dinner). Full board includes breakfast and two more meals (lunch and dinner).

In the case of residences, the meal plan is established by each one. Host families is always full board.

Can I have information about my Host Family, so I can get in touch with them?

Once you have been assigned a Host Family, you will receive their contact information by e-mail.

Can I move out of housing system?

Yes, under very specific circumstances. Please contact the Housing Coordinator for information.

What happens when I arrive in Madrid? Is there a pickup service available?

In general, no. If your home university has an agreement with CIS, pickups at the airport will be organized for you. You’ll be informed by e-mail if this is the case and what steps you need to take.

What is the best way to get around the city?

The best way is to move around by public transport. There are several discount type options available. The best is the Youth Transport Card (20€ for 30 days, unlimited rides, rechargeable for additional 30-day periods). Cards are obtained via previous appointments. If you wish to obtain one, please contact the Housing Coordinator.

How should I proceed in case of problems in my housing?

For any problems regarding your housing please contact CIS and the Housing Coordinator immediately.

What should I do in case of illness or medical emergency?

CIS has an emergency protocol in place in case students need medical support. Please look up the Medical Emergency Protocol on this Web Page.