We educate better people for a better world. We educate better people for a better world.

Student Life

Student life in and out of the classroom is something that we take very seriously.  We consider it essential, and of the utmost importance to guide and support our students from even before day one, and onward.

We want them to feel like a part of our CIS family, and share their concerns, problems and aspirations with us.  From the President and Academic Dean to the professors and staff, we know that our students are the fundamental pillar of our institution. Our work revolves around them, their academic evolution, and integration into our university and even into society once the graduate.

We show our students loyal support day after day.

We provide activities and events for our students that aim to develop positive relationships, and to inspire communication between students and our faculty and staff.  From excursions, charity events, welcome lunches, and Thanksgiving festivities, to our final graduation ceremony and alumni events, we tirelessly work to make our students feel at home.