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Enjoy the best Scholarships for International Students

Getting the chance to study in Spain as an international student can be very exciting. You will get a certificate and besides you will learn Spanish which can give you an edge over other graduates. Our University located in Madrid city center offers various study abroad programs as we are a meeting point among people from all across the world. The academic and social integration we provide prepares students for their future in an international, global community. 

We offer the possibility to either complete your Bachelor’s degree at our Madrid location or to study abroad for a Bachelor’s Degree at our academic partner Endicott College from Beverly, Massachusetts or at any American university from the USA or around the World as soon as you complete the first two years of the four-year program at our Madrid campus.

CIS Endicott offers American Bachelor’s Degree programs in Business Management, Marketing-Communication, and International Studies. Also, CIS offers its students the possibility to decide the college or university he or she will complete his or her Bachelor’s Degree.  Please note that even the most prestigious American schools in the US, Europe or in any other part of the world are well within reach.

Here are some examples of the better-known schools from which CIS Endicott students have graduated: Berkeley University of California, Boston College, Boston University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Miami, New York University, University of Southern California, Babson College, American University of Paris and Richmond University of London.

About us

Our university offers students mentorship, coaching and additional tutoring if or when necessary. It is available several days per week in order to ensure the highest possible academic performance for all.  All the students are offered full support, even if times get tough.  

Everyone is assigned an advisor and deals with academic issues that might arise with their assigned tutors.  We make sure that tutors are around not only to discuss and/or resolve complex issues, but also for everyday concerns that the students may have.  Mentors are more experienced students who are paired with newer arrivals. This way, our goal is encouraging full integration into the CIS family. Coaching is designed for specific students: the ones that sometimes need more personal support than usual.

If you are curious to know more about all our Academic programs, you can visit this part of our web and get all the information there. 

Our best scholarships

We want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to study in our university. To achieve this, CIS Endicott establishes, every academic year, a Scholarship Fund for Undergraduate Programs.

The Scholarship Program is very competitive and, as funds are limited, it is important that you process your application form as soon as possible. While the student applies all his effort, CIS will help him achieve his goals.

The beneficiaries of these scholarships are any students who meet the requirements we have established for each type of scholarship. Besides, this Program is open throughout the year so you can ask for it at any time during the academic year. 

CIS Endicott students have the opportunity to choose from different types of scholarships. Here they are:

  • Work Scholarship. It is for those students who start/study an Undergraduate Program, and also wish to collaborate in CIS tasks during a number of hours that will be established at the time of granting the scholarship. The maximum would be 5 hours/week.

In order to apply for this type of award the student must have a minimum GPA of 2.4 (or equivalent). 

  • Academic Scholarship. The academic scholarship is intended for the students who start/study an Undergraduate Program and besides they have a good academic record.

To get qualified for an academic scholarship the student must have a minimum GPA (average score) of 3.0 (or equivalent).

Furthermore, the beneficiary of this schooling will collaborate in volunteer work. They will have to opportunity organize events of the International Studies Foundation and the NGO Cruzada por los Niños, managed by CIS Endicott.

  • Presidential Scholarship. This top scholarship is intended for those students who start/study an Undergraduate Program and who have an excellent academic record as well. This is an extraordinary scholarship that rewards academic excellence.

To get qualified for this type of university education, the student must have a minimum GPA (average score) of 3.8 (or equivalent).

The student who will benefit this type of education will additionally collaborate in volunteer work. It consists of organizing events of the International Studies Foundation and for the NGO Cruzada por los Niños, managed by CIS, like the students that have been granted an academic scholarship. 

CIS stays by your side

If still in doubt or if you need more information, please visit this page and get to know more about our Scholarships program. As long as you accomplish all the requirements, the university does all the necessary for you to get into the program.

CIS Endicott wants to give many students the opportunity to study in our university, to take advantage of all the orientation, the programs, the excursions, all the activities that make students life such a great experience and take on all the good memories. 

We want to be a special part of your future!